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Actor Terry Crews Gets Involved in Crypto, Mints His Own Coin

We’ve seen many instances where celebrities – whether they be actors, athletes, etc. – get involved in the cryptocurrency scene, from Kanye West to Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled. Now, it looks like actor, host and former NFL star Terry Crews is dipping his fingers into the crypto pot. The star of “The Expendables” and host of “America’s Got Talent” has announced he’s minting his own digital coin.

Terry Crews Has Entered the Crypto Forum with $POWER

The asset has come by way of a company called Roll, a firm that allows creatives and artists to show off their talents and work and get paid rewards in digital currency. The company claims that it allows many artists – such as Crews – to get in touch with their fans and take things to a more personal level.

The cryptocurrency will be known as $POWER (what an appropriate name) and has thus far been handed out to approximately 100 separate individuals. In a recent interview, Crews expressed his excitement for the new venture, claiming:

If I give you $POWER, you own a piece of me. There’s no other way to put it.

Roll is unique in that it creates new digital currencies to match every unique artist that utilizes its platform. Each person on the site has their own blockchain-based asset, which they receive for posting content and work on the site. They can then provide this money to fans and visitors of their page and reward them for engaging in certain actions such as subscribing to their channel.

You Control Your Own Crypto

Each artist is fully in control of the cryptocurrency they own. They are tasked with deciding how it is spent, who gets it and how their fans can earn it. To better explain the situation, Roll has placed the following scenario on its website:

Anna just started a sub-stack newsletter all about her digital art and offers 7,000 $DANGER to the first ten people who subscribe. She wants to spread the word a bit more and offers an additional 1,000 $DANGER to anyone who retweets her post. Todd is a supporter of Anna’s work. He subscribes to her newsletter and retweets her post, earning $8,000 DANGER. Anna creates a few market opportunities in $DANGER where her supporters can get a shoutout in her newsletter for 2,000 $DANGER and a digital art piece for 10,000 $DANGER. Todd doesn’t have enough to get an art piece, but he’d love to show his support of Anna by getting a shoutout. He spends 2,000 $DANGER on a shoutout and gets recognized in her weekly digital art newsletter.

For Crews, the cryptocurrency is likely to represent something much larger than just a token that people can spend via the website. He’s hoping his community on Roll becomes big enough that $POWER can ultimately be used for the group to live on.

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