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Get Your IDEA Token and Be Part of the Active IDEA Ecosystem

The crypto industry evolved so much, that developers don’t focus just on individual products anymore, people’s needs have changed. It is quite frustrating to use tons of platforms in order to make the best out of blockchain technology.

This is the premise from which Ideaology decided to start developing an entire “ecosystem” that will meet the actual demands of freelancers, startups, and crypto investors. A platform perfect for those who want to be both productive and independent. And so, the Active IDEA was born.

Active IDEA was developed with the aim of expanding crypto usability, gathering users from different domains. It is based on blockchain technology and it was created for digital professionals who want to invest, crowdfund, or find competent people to help them with their business ideas.

And because it was designed to be perfect, it came together with his own IDEA token.

What is the IDEA token about?

Both a utility and a payment token, the IDEA token is built on the ERC-20 protocol. It is the piece de resistance of the ecosystem, having great features for crypto users, like:

  • The HODL Factor – With this feature, you get the chance to vote within future projects of the platform, as well as paying just half of the fees’ value. All you need to have instead is just $100 worth of IDEA tokens.
  • Decentralized Marketplace – Anything from blockchain projects to dApps or NFTs are available in the total absence of third parties.
  • Its own wallet – That you can use to hold your tokens or to get free ones, alongside the possibility to send them to whoever you want.
  • IDEA Crowdfunding – Built especially for entrepreneurs. Users can invest with IDEA tokens the start-up projects that caught their attention, or they can get investors for their own ideas.
  • Crypto Exchange Partners – Found by the dedicated team of Ideaology, with the aim of finding the best crypto wallets and tokens for exchanges.

The Active IDEA platform combined different parts of business development, to create a real strong crypto community. Depending on your needs, you can use it as a freelance platform, an investor area, a digital marketplace, or a crowdfunding key. You just need the IDEA Token and you’re there.

Where can I get the IDEA Token?

The IDEA Token will be available on December 1st, 2020 with a 22% discount. The team makes a real effort in finding the best associates. As a matter of fact, they succeed in getting an IEO and coin listing cooperation with an Estonian-based crypto – the P2PB2B Exchange. Soon, they will reach more investors and their IDEA vision will be closer to achieve.

As the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Ideaology, Amar Kovacevic said, each new user will help in expanding the crypto usability. “We aim to be the largest blockchain ecosystem in 2021 and beyond. Ideaology is keen to provide opportunities for freelancers, startup founders, and investors through the Active IDEA platform. It’s the vision that fuels our mission.”

If you want to see for yourself how all of these can change the crypto industry, get your own IDEA Token on the pre-sale, and be part of this new and exciting ecosystem!


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Margin Trading And Lending On The Crypto Market

In recent years, many of you who are interested in crypto, probably have noticed the continuous growth of the number of new exchange products that help earn from lending and margin trade.

In case, there are unknown terms, a short note:

Margin trading is trade with the help of borrowed funds. Turning to the details,  when a trader takes out a loan on collateral and sell borrowed funds. After that, if the rate of sold coins is dropped, a trader buys borrowed funds with a lower rate and pay back the loan. The difference between the initial selling price and buying price is a profit or loss. Margin trading became highly popular among ordinal markets. Perhaps, many of you not only have heard but also have already tried to trade through Forex currency market brokers. However, it is a relatively new type of trade for the crypto market. 

Lending occurs when someone allows another person to borrow something, or, in our case, cryptocurrency. Therefore, repayment will include the payment of interest.

Leverage is the ratio of the trader’s funds (which are the guarantee for the loan) to the loan size. For instance, 2x leverage means that having $100, it is possible to borrow $200, while 10x leverage provides an opportunity to borrow up to $1000 with the initial balance of $100.

You’d think, the higher the leverage, the “better” for the traders, because more funds could be used to trade. You are likely to believe in such a golden opportunity that is created for the traders, but let’s go deeper into details.

If you have $100 and you have borrowed $200 (leverage is 2x), after that, you have bought 1 ETH expecting that an exchange rate of Ethereum will grow and you could sell 1 ETH for $250, pay back the loan of $200 and profit from the deal $50. But something went wrong and the ETH rate, instead of growing, began to fall. At the same time, you have $100 on the balance (as security for the loan) and also 1 ETH, the price of which falls. You also have a debt of $200 (for which you have already bought 1 ETH). In this case, the forced repayment of your loan and the liquidation of the trading position will happen at the price of Ethereum of $110, that is, you have about 45% in case of rate swings.

And now, you suppose, having $ 100, take about $ 1000 (leverage 10x) and buy 5 ETH, in this case, a drop in the price of Ethereum from $ 200 to about $ 185 will lead to the liquidation of your position and the use of collateral to cover the loan, you’ll practically “zeroing” your balance.

Now, you can easily imagine what kind of rate fluctuations with leverage of 20x-100x is certain to zero out your account. For example, with 20x it will be about 4% aren’t in your favor, and at 100x less than 1% of changes in the rate will already put a crimp on your balance.

Daily exchange rate fluctuations and short-term reversal in a currently downward trending price that can easily make up 10-15% even for the most liquid currencies like BTC and ETH should not be neglected. So, if everyone knows about the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, why are exchanges still offering to “trade” with leverage of 10-100x? 

Unfortunately, it is clear that the cryptocurrency market turns into one huge gambling house, and the larger players benefit from the “herd mentality”  of lemmings, promising them exorbitant profits, playing on excitement, or ignorance. If a few years ago, crypto exchanges offered only spot trading, now many of the “top exchanges” are ready to give leverage up to 10-150x.

The thing is, based on the simplest mathematical model, currently, if a trader deal with leverage of 10x-150x in the crypto market, the probability of losing all funds is tending to 100%. And this means that exchanges no longer even need to place the positions of such traders on the real market, but just right away they can put all of the traders’ deposits in their pockets. That is why the number of offers to trade with high leverage has rocked over the past year. And now, even the most top exchanges are doing traders a disservice. Considering the rapid penetration of cryptocurrencies into all sectors of society almost everywhere around the world, the behavior of these “businessmen” can be described by a well-known idiom: “A fool and his money are soon parted”. Let’s leave the moral aspect of these actions beyond the scope of this article; this is just a statement of fact.

Now let’s talk about the lending of funds, this is the other side of margin trading. In ordinary markets, liquidity for margin trading is provided by brokers, and their liquidity is provided by banks and other financial institutions. In the crypto market, mainly liquidity for margin trading is provided by the exchanges, from reserves or funds that they borrowed from other users at a certain annual % (lending). For example, now, the well-known exchange N1 is ready to provide borrowed funds to traders for margin trading in BTC at 11% per annum. But it is interesting to note that interest rate which is offered to users who have lent their funds – approximately 3% per annum. Accordingly, the difference between these rates is the profit of the exchange.

And all of the above would not be such a big deal if top exchanges played honestly. But the fact is that by lending funds you give them to a “term deposit”. Meanwhile, these funds are most likely to be used by exchanges to manipulate the market and play against traders. At the same time, unlike whales, exchanges always know exactly all the margin orders of users, and they can accurately calculate how much, when, and in which direction the rate should be changed to benefit the most. Probably, many of you have read about claims against one of the most popular crypto derivatives exchanges.

What do we offer, the exchange team?

We propose to start changing the rules of the game in this market. And more recently we launched a transparent system of spot margin trading and lending on our platform. Now, any holder can lend their funds, and at the same time, any trader can take out a loan at the most favorable interest rates. Thus, lenders will receive the real fees that traders pay, and traders will be able to take out loans on better terms, in contrast with other exchanges.

We offer leverage for loans up to 3x, which allows you to minimize risk for margin trading. Moreover, the uniqueness of our quantum trading core, based on Any2Any technology, allows to use all of your so-called trust coins on the account (now, it is BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT, TUSD, USDC) as collateral, lend/borrow funds, and also trade any of coin present on the exchange to any other.

If you wish to learn more about, visit their website.

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Ten years have passed since the birth of cryptocurrencies and since the publication of the Bitcoin White Paper, blockchain technology has not stopped evolving.  At the same time, the way of working to obtain better productivity has also undergone a drastic evolution.  Things have changed a lot since the days that anyone could generate returns from their desktop computer.  The appearance of big competition on a global level, driven by the advances in technology, has meant that only the biggest players in the system have found investing in blockchain to be attractive and profitable.  For this reason, today we present to you:  Kuailian’s Ecosystem.

Discovering Kuailian

Kuailian is a company that benefits from a complete ecosystem of services to access the world of cryptocurrencies.  We also have at our disposal the tools based around blockchain technologies, which are accessible to all and where no great knowledge of the systems or heavy investment in technology is needed.


Kuailian’s Main Characteristics

It would be very difficult to define Kuailian with one main characteristic, given that we have at our fingertips a complete ecosystem, with each section being as equally as important or even better than the previous.  However, we can say that our main differentiating attribute is our commitment to be honest and transparent, all thanks to and made possible by blockchain tools and technology.

All of the activity carried out on Kuailian can be viewed in real time.  You can audit your own accounts, decide when you want to schedule a transaction (remember that the blockchain registers are public) and we can assure you that your cryptocurrencies are working and generating results.

If required, you can consult the legal registrar in Estonia; all the information is available on Kuailians website and social networks.

Kuailian Smart Pool and Proof of Stake Technology

Not all consensus mechanisms to verify transactions are like Bitcoin (Proof of Work).  Huge operating costs and powerful equipment is needed to work with them and these soon become outdated.  There are other cryptocurrencies which need to have a predetermined amount of the coin in question to be able to carry out transactions.  For this reason, it makes a lot of sense to build up our cryptocurrencies by using a company like Kuailian, which works with this technology, is known in the market and is able to carry out these transactions (on which great returns can be achieved).

But the advancement in technology never stops (and neither does Kuailian’s).  The most powerful and modern networks use consensus mechanisms.  If you have Heard of Kuailian, you Will already know that one of our main products is Master Nodes.  To summarise, this product is able to carry out high performance transactions and in Kuailian, supports a range of consensus mechanisms like the following: PROOF OF STAKE, DELEGATED PROOF OF STAKE, THRESHOLDED PROOF OF STAKE, MASTERNODES,  PROFIT SHARE, PROOF OF AGREEMENT, PROOF OF HISTORY, PROOF OF AUTHORITY, TENDERMIT, HIGHWAY, BYZANTINE FAULT TOLERANCE (BFT), NON-BFT, MULTI-BFT, SHARE PRACTICAL BFT, ASYNCHRONOUS BFT – FUTURE CASPER Y  OUROBOROS.

It is here that Kuailian maximises their capacity, by making it available to ordinary people that wouldn’t otherwise be able to access it, due to the volume of cryptocurrencies that would be needed and the knowledge required to work with them.  Therefore, Kuailian uses a long-term stake strategy of 1000 days and will also be adding Simple Way Staking (Stake/Unstake), to the services they offer.

Kuailian and its automated systems

Kuailian has made it possible for everyone to participate in Master Nodes.  So that access to these is not limited to the few, we have pooled them together and then divided them.  Furthermore, it is possible to automatically receive some of the rewards generated in Smart Pool.

Following is a description of the easy process of signing up to Kuailian

  1.       Create a Kuailian account
  2.       Complete the KYC (given that we are a company which is registered legally within the European Union) and pay the inscription charge (50.95 dollars, paid in Ether).
  3.       Purchase as many Kuais that you want, priced at 100 dollars each (paid en Ether).  A Kuai is not a token nor a cryptocurrency.  It is the measurement unit that can be used for staking a license in the software for 1000 days.  The more licenses you buy, the better the returns.
  4.   Indicate the Ethereum purse where you want us to deposit your profits daily.

The way the Kuais are organised is very interesting. One one hand, it is accessible to everyone due to the low cost and on the other hand, it allows the users contributions to be sent to Smart Pool, our own system which has been developed in Kuailian to automatically administrate all of the cryptocurrencies that have been contributed by the users, that have been created in Master Nodes.  Twinned with the fact that each week, new Master Nodes are opened up for new licences to be acquired (by new users or existing users).

The contributions made by the users are administered by a system of Machine Learning, that carries out a Deep analysis in the cryptocurrency market, and based on the results, sets up the most profitable and liquid Master Nodes.  In other words, your rewards can be exchanged for Bitcoin or can be transferred to Ether.  The system operates around these so as to maximise the global efficiency of the ecosystem.

Finally, we would like to highlight the fact that the benefits generated by our contribution to the system are shared out on a daily basis.  This is a great advantage of Kuailian, as we are normally used to using big interfaces that demand a minimum amount to be able to make a withdrawal and can take a number of days or weeks to process the payments, or that we rely upon authorisation to have our money made available!!  Kuailian’s, in its bid to be transparent, offers its users a system, which is programmed by their technical team, a Smart Dispersion Contract , developed around the blockchain of Ethereum, which shares out the profits on a daily basis between the users, without any errors or deception (in fact, this contract can be viewed in any Ethereum blockchain explorer).

Extra:  Kuailian Bank, Smart Pool and all the other services offered by the company, have an individual affiliation programme, through which each user will generate profits when their referral signs up to become a Kualian user.


Kuailian Bank and its next innovations

Kuailian is very clear that the future is with blockchain, and they dedicate their complete ecosystem to it.  They have closed many different deals to be able to offer financial services.  These days, “FIAT” coins can be deposited and exchanged for cryptocurrencies. In the near future, a wallet and a debit card will be added along with dataphones and other financial services that will allow an expansion in the services offered. 

Smart Pool Will also expand and develop new options, for example, High Frequency Trading (HFT) and an arbitration system; all of this through the artificial intelligence system that carries out the administration of the ecosystem.

A constantly expanding ecosystem

But Kuailian isn’t just a finance ecosystem.  Without a doubt, like blockchain technology, it goes beyond that.  The main objective of Kuailian is to access the resources based on blockchain technology that already exist on the market; to make them more efficient, more transparent and to give our users an experience they’ve never had before.  Very soon Kuailian Travel Ecosystem will be added, the first service that will be outside of the ‘financial’ sector of the company and that will open the gate to the arrival of new market resources that will turn the company into a reference point in the world of blockchain.


If you are looking for a company that will bring nearer your entrance into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and more accessible, Kuailian is your best ally.

Official Links

·  Formal member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance:


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The Mysterious Launch of the Ultranet, the First Truly Decentralized Private Marketplace

In the past month, it seems the Ultranet has become the most talked-about project in crypto. It all started when a mysterious paper by an anonymous author calling herself “sarah c0nn0r” appeared on reddit describing a highly-sophisticated design for a marketplace that is fully decentralized, private, and “censorship-resistant.” The marketplace, the paper promised, would be one where listings can’t be taken down or censored, where all transactions and messages are end-to-end encrypted, and where “as long as a single computer somewhere in the world is running the software, all that data is preserved.” Powered by a native hyper-deflationary cryptocurrency called “Ultra,” which can be mined or purchased on the software through a unique “decentralized exchange mechanism,” the marketplace was described by the paper as being a new way to disrupt the rising power of the existing centralized tech platforms like Amazon and Alibaba, in the same way Bitcoin disrupted the banks. The paper asks provacatively, “Is a world where a handful of platform oligarchs rule over us the kind of world we want to live in? Or could there perhaps be a better way to organize society’s technical infrastructure?”


The paper was immediately met with excitement from many who deemed its technical breakthroughs exciting for the crypto space as a whole. For example, its “block pool” concept, described by the author in the paper and in a blog post she wrote, makes it so that large files like images and even videos can be stored in a scalable way without compromising on decentralization or censorship-resistance, something that hasn’t been possible before. And a new concept called “interchange,” also introduced in the paper, made it so that Bitcoin could be exchanged for Ultra on the platform in a completely decentralized way without having to rely on any third-parties. This feature, the website claims, allows anyone with Bitcoin or Monero to get started on the platform in minutes.


Skeptics wondered, however: Was this a real product that would actually launch or just a paper describing abstract concepts? Then, suddenly last week, the Ultranet website, which initially only showed the paper and an email signup form, was updated to showcase a fully-functional cross-platform app and a fully open-source github repository, implementing everything the paper had talked about. From a fully-decentralized database of listings to a built-in decentralized exchange, everything described in the paper was available in the software downloadable on the Ultranet website. And since then, a subreddit has popped up where users are asking questions, many users have started mining Ultra, and we estimate thousands of dollars worth of Ultra have been purchased through the decentralized exchange. If you’d like to mine Ultra or purchase it using Bitcoin or Monero through the software’s built-in decentralized exchange, you can download the app here.


While it remains to be seen whether the Ultranet will gain mass adoption, or whether the anonymous “sarah c0nn0r” will rise to be “the next Satoshi Nakamoto” as some say, one thing is for sure: At a time when centralized powers seem more dominant than ever, the Ultranet has captured our imagination and given us hope for a more decentralized future.

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