Standard Escrow Says Online Integration Has Gone Smoothly

As part of its goal to create a seamless bitcoin OTC transaction process, earlier in the year, Standard Escrow launched a web platform that enables its clients create and close transactions online. This new development simplifies the traditional strenuous offline escrow process and enables international cross-border transactions.

Transacting parties can now conveniently open accounts, carry out all KYC and AML verification checks, and create transactions with *Standard Escrow online. This new direct service saves transacting parties valuable time and effort, giving clients a simple and yet secure means to transact.

So far, Standard Escrow believes its online web integration has gone smoothly. “We are thrilled to have made our service more accessible and convenient for our current and future clients,” said the firm. “Our clients can now transact securely from their various locations around the globe online, while still counting on the superb service we have provided through the years. As a client-focused service provider, we believe in continually making life easier for our clients by providing a seamless experience which we continually aim to improve on. We look forward to welcoming a wider range of clients, which this new innovative model would be able to afford us.”

As a full-service bitcoin OTC escrow service, Standard Escrow will offer its services to clients around the globe through its web platform, as well as provide flexible solutions to help address individual customer preferences. Standard Escrow’s new online platform includes modern and innovative features aimed at improving the customer experience while maintaining transaction security for both buyer and seller.

Its online integration has been met with large scale client satisfaction and has proven to be a successful move to a large extent.

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