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Bitcoin Black Friday Is Back On November 27!

Bitcoin Black Friday is coming back for 2020 with over 200 merchants and over 250 product deals!

Bitcoin Black Friday has returned this year with 350 deal listings from over 300 companies to date, and even more deals are going live to celebrate Bitcoin Black Friday (November 27) through Cypher Monday (November 30).

What started in 2012 with very humble beginnings as a grassroots initiative from some active Bitcointalk forum members and just a few dozen participating Bitcoin merchants, has grown over the years to a large-scale event for the global Bitcoin community, producing some of the largest-volume days on record for Bitcoin payment processors and merchants.

“For us, Bitcoin Black Friday is all about highlighting the infrastructure that exists for Bitcoin commerce today and in drawing attention to that, to help accelerate the path to a Bitcoin circular economy,” John Riggins, organizer of Bitcoin Black Friday, said. “We need a day to bring attention and business to the merchants that support Bitcoin payments, including all of the great Bitcoin product companies in our space.”

International coverage of the event (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018), especially in Bitcoin bull markets, has increased awareness about Bitcoin and its use in commerce during the holiday season. This year’s celebration marks the incredible amount of progress that Bitcoin has made as a payments technology, with technical deployments like the Lightning Network, new companies working in the commerce flow and thousands of interested consumers all in the spotlight.

“The key driver of that attention is quality deals, so in this reboot of Bitcoin Black Friday, a successful event means featuring more and higher-quality deals than in any previous year and driving more people to use the Bitcoin network for payments, including technology that wasn’t as ready for prime time in the last iteration of Bitcoin Black Friday, like the Lightning Network,” Riggins explained. “Looking forward, compounding that growth year-on-year as a small player in the  path toward hyperbitcoinization is the success that we’re striving for.”

One of the biggest deals listed this year (or within the history of Bitcoin, for that matter) is Fold’s bitcoin-backed debit card. Fold is giving away 1 whole bitcoin to a lucky user. To enter into the drawing for 1 BTC, users simply need to sign up for the waitlist for Fold’s upcoming debit card, or, if they are already on the waitlist, refer friends to join the waitlist for additional entries into the contest.

Bitcoin Black Friday will also be a great time to make sure your security is top notch with deals from hardware manufacturers like Trezor, Ledger, Foundation Devices, Nodl and more; multisig solutions like Unchained Capital’s Vault Concierge; and a great batch of VPN services. Bitcoin Black Friday also features deals from major online retailers for everything from electronics at Newegg to food and home goods needs at This year’s event also features in-person deals for people around the world, including in cities like Ho Chi Minh.

“Bitcoin Black Friday is an exciting moment for the Bitcoin industry to showcase, not only all of the great products and services being built on Bitcoin, but also how effective Bitcoin really is as a payment method,” Riggins said. “The circular economy for Bitcoin is being built right now, and we are so excited to be able to present it to the masses. Bitcoin is for everyone.”

For more information on what deals are available, or how to win 1 BTC from Fold, visit

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Here’s A Chance To HODL 1 BTC With Bitcoin Black Friday

This is a promoted article provided by Bitcoin Black Friday.

  1. Join the waitlist for the Fold Bitcoin rewards card
  2. If you are already on the waitlist, refer friends to join

Bitcoin Black Friday has partnered with Fold to give away an entire bitcoin (yes, 100,000,000 sats) to one winner who opts into the Bitcoin circular economy between now and November 27 (Black Friday). 

To enter, customers simply need to join the waitlist for Fold’s much-anticipated Bitcoin rewards debit card and confirm their sign up with Carrot (you can find the waitlist by clicking on the promotional banner at As a company focused on putting bitcoin within reach of every shopper and building the circular economy, Fold is driving even more attention to Bitcoin-based commerce by minting one lucky winner as a sats hundred-millionaire in this unprecedented giveaway.

San Francisco-based Fold has an eye toward a world of hyperbitcoinization and is ushering in a new wave of Bitcoin users by building a payments stack for that new economy. Fold’s products are onramps for new Bitcoiners, facilitating the spending, earning and saving of bitcoin. Its newest product, the upcoming bitcoin rewards debit card, is a first of its kind, giving a percentage of purchases back in bitcoin to users every time the cards are swiped. For the debit card, Fold has partnered with Visa to offer rewards denominated in bitcoin instead of in points or airline miles, as with most other rewards cards.

“We’ve got a simple plan: Give away as much bitcoin as we can to as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time,” said Will Reeves, CEO of Fold. “We believe that Bitcoin is for everyone, and we’re building a product that makes it easy for everyone to accumulate it on everyday purchases. Many of our users are averaging 10 to 15 percent cashback in bitcoin on their purchases due to the appreciation in bitcoin’s price.”

Fold’s focus on building the bitcoin circular economy makes it the perfect partner for Bitcoin Black Friday, an annual event that has highlighted the growth of bitcoin commerce since 2012. Featuring deals from bitcoin-accepting merchants and from bitcoin product companies, Bitcoin Black Friday is a one-stop directory for Bitcoiners and those joining the bitcoin economy, giving them an easy way to save money and stack sats leading up to and on Black Friday (November 27) and Cyber Monday (November 30). 

With this partnership minting a new full-coiner, Fold and Bitcoin Black Friday are bringing attention to the onramps developing for bitcoin and adding growth to the bitcoin circular economy.

To become eligible for the 1 BTC giveaway, if you are not already on the Fold waitlist:

  1. Click on the promotion at Bitcoin Black Friday
  2. Join the waitlist for Fold’s new bitcoin rewards card 
  3. Confirm your sign up with Carrot

4. Stay tuned to Bitcoin Black Friday on November 27 when the winner is announced!

If you are already on the Fold Waitlist, you can also use your referral link to invite your friends to join the waitlist, and you will receive another entry in the Bitcoin giveaway for every referral that completes the process!

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The Top 5 Products That Every Bitcoiner Needs

In 2012, Bitcoin Black Friday was launched as a way for Bitcoiners to hack the mainstream consumerism holiday and promote their favorite technology as a killer tool for payments and encourage merchant adoption. Thousands of merchants have participated by offering discounts for customers who pay in BTC, but the celebration fizzled in 2017 as the Bitcoin community became embroiled in debates over block size and Bitcoin for payments became conflated with arguments over scaling.

But this year, Bitcoin Black Friday is back with brand new deals that help Bitcoiners make the most of their HODLings. To celebrate, we’re sharing our list of the definitive equipment for your Bitcoin Black Friday wishlist this year.

Being a Bitcoiner is as simple as owning any amount of BTC, and that’s that. But as you go further and further down the rabbit hole, you’ll see how much more this revolutionary technology has to offer, and you’ll be eager to get your hands on everything that can help you Bitcoin better. There are so many fascinating products and services out there that enhance the experience of using Bitcoin in multiple different ways, that you’ll never see this magic internet money the same way again.

To help new and seasoned Bitcoiners alike round out their BTC gear collections, we’ve compiled the below list of must-have equipment to help you participate more fully in the Bitcoin network, better protect your BTC HODLings and generally become a better Bitcoiner.

1. Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets are absolutely essential for every Bitcoiner to have, no exceptions. Why? Because if you keep your coins on an exchange where you do not control your own keys, it’s a disaster waiting to happen. If you don’t control your private keys, then someone else does, and you don’t really own those coins. 

Claim your financial sovereignty by obtaining a hardware wallet for which you control the keys and, therefore, the coins. The other benefits to maintaining a hardware wallet include protection  from hackers and some lessons in  personal responsibility. 

2. Full Node In A Box

Having a full node is an absolute must after you obtain a hardware wallet because you can use them together. When you have a full node linked to your hardware wallet you can verify everything that goes in and out of your wallet yourself, without ever having to trust anyone else to do it for you. Anyone with a full node can check the exact supply of BTC at any given time, which isn’t possible to do with certain other cryptocurrencies. You do the math, you run the numbers.

Bitcoin is a living organism and the node is its heartbeat. The more nodes there are, the stronger and more robust the network becomes. The inexpensiveness of running a full node is key in allowing anyone and everyone to be able to interact with the network. Everyone is on a level playing field.

There are products out there that include everything you need to run a full node, including a complete version of the Bitcoin blockchain to date, all in one box.

3. Books

Knowledge is power and one of the best ways to obtain knowledge about Bitcoin is through reading. Reading allows you to see things from a different perspective and make better decisions for yourself based on the knowledge you’ve gained. It’s the small things — such as reading vs. watching TV — that separates the winners and losers in life. Don’t get caught on the wrong side.

Learning about Bitcoin via the right books is absolutely critical to your education because you can not rely on traditional methods of schooling to teach you about such a new and revolutionary technology. Schools tend to force Keynesian garbage down students’ throats and rarely teach the Austrian Economic principles behind Bitcoin. Governments and mainstream news outlets will bash Bitcoin every chance they get, so always DYOR.

4. VPNs

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) provide security and privacy where you may think it wasn’t needed before. VPNs give you the upper hand over hackers or government surveillance because your VPN makes sure your location is unknown, all of your data is encrypted and you can browse the internet anonymously. 

Say you’re out and about using public WiFi, or even at a friend’s house using their internet connection. Hackers can go all Paul Krause on you and intercept all of the data you have to offer. VPNs protect you from these hackers and give you peace of mind while browsing the web. 

5. Headphones

As a Bitcoiner, you will find yourself listening to A LOT of podcasts. There are multiple benefits to listening to Bitcoin podcasts such as: keeping up to date with the latest news, learning new things about the technology and getting to know other Bitcoiners better. There are so many great pods out there that you’ll find yourself squeezing as many episodes as you can into your daily routine.

Investing in a nice pair of headphones can make listening to podcasts a more pleasant and enjoyable experience. You may find yourself absorbing more information with high quality, comfortable and clear-sounding headphones, compared to low quality, uncomfortable. and fuzzy sounding headphones. 

These are five items that are commonly owned amongst Bitcoiners and that many now find themselves unable to function without. When paired with Bitcoin, each one of these products can be key to one’s financial sovereignty, education and privacy.

Bitcoin Black Friday is the perfect time to make sure you’ve got all of the stuff every good Bitcoiner needs. To find deals on these things and more, check in with Bitcoin Black Friday, follow the brand on Twitter and make sure to celebrate big this year.

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