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Invictus Capital Blazes Trail For Bitcoin Portfolio Gains

Promoted: Invictus Capital is helping to develop a swathe of bold new investment opportunities for bitcoin and cryptocurrency market exposure.

This is a promoted article provided by Invictus Capital.

With the bitcoin price shooting up in 2021, many new investors are looking for a way to get in on the bonanza. But with this world being so new to many investors, and moving so fast to boot, it can be daunting to look for a safe way to set up an investment portfolio.

Luckily, Invictus Capital is on the scene, helping to develop a swathe of bold new investment opportunities for cryptocurrency market exposure. Opening its doors in 2017, Invictus Capital has launched seven unique funds to plug users into the world of Bitcoin and beyond. In 2021 alone, it has increased its assets under management (AUM) by 81 percent, to over $100 million. Running down the list, each of Invictus’ funds have their own strengths and are suitable for beefing up portfolios of all shapes and sizes.

Crypto10 Hedged

A real favorite among Invictus customers, Crypto10 Hedged is a newer fund designed to manage risk and offer clients ease of use compared to Crypto20, Invictus’ first offering. Both of these funds track the top cryptocurrencies, weighted relative to market capitalization. Crypto10 Hedged is carefully managed by data scientists, to ensure that customers don’t have to keep an eye on it constantly. During bull markets, it stays strong in cryptocurrency, and when the market takes a downturn it hedges into interest-bearing cash holdings. This allows investors to easily weather through all sorts of calamities, and makes Crypto10 Hedged an attractive and approachable choice for those new to the space.

The Invictus Bitcoin Alpha (IBA)

Unlike Invictus’ other funds, which tend to mitigate risk through diversification, IBA offers investors favorable risk-adjusted exposure to bitcoin — making it an incredible option for those looking to make some serious gains in the medium to long term. The fund generated a return of 24.18 percent this March, with full expectations of outperforming the value of bitcoin over a full market cycle.

Essentially, the strategy for IBA is to provide some extra user protection against market volatility, purchasing put options on a monthly basis as a form of insurance and funding these puts through the sale of call options. This strategy limits downside in any given month to 10 percent, but also means that there is a cap on gains in any calendar month in the region of 30 percent. Backtesting over both bull and bear market conditions has shown the strength of this strategy with gains made during market corrections easily offsetting the impact of gains being capped in bullish months.

Ultimately, the fund offers investors a favorable risk-adjusted return profile for this highly volatile asset, and offers a surefire way to strengthen a cryptocurrency portfolio, helping it weather all market conditions.

A Wealth Of Funds

Invictus Capital also offers several other funds, with less direct exposure to bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Invictus Margin Lending, for example, is not itself correlated with the price of cryptocurrencies, but rather involves making loans to external cryptocurrency traders. Invictus’ customers invest to fund these loans, with returns easily outstripping traditional fixed income investments, especially as the cryptocurrency market itself becomes more volatile — the annualized return has been a jaw dropping 20 percent over 2021 to date. Invictus also offers funds for venture capital investment in blockchain-focused companies, as well as other assets like renewable energy and gold.

In short, Invictus Capital offers a wide range of products and services for investors looking to dip their toe into the dazzling world of crypto assets. Whether you’re looking for crypto asset exposure or safer returns, over the long or even short term, Invictus Capital has an option tailored to fit you.

To further investigate Invictus’ fund offerings, visit its website. For additional guidance on constructing an Invictus portfolio that suits your investment needs, this guide will help.

Invictus Capital also offers an innovative program that allows you to lock up your investments to generate additional returns in the form of ICAP tokens, learn more here.

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As Bitcoin Surges, Investors Find Invictus Capital’s C10

This is a promoted article provided by Invictus Capital.

As the bitcoin price finds its footing among all-time high levels, following a meteoric bull run that’s been ongoing for nearly a year, investors are increasingly looking for ways to get exposure to the asset. But many of these potential Bitcoiners are also interested in the broader cryptocurrency market, as well as mitigating the volatility that is so common in the space.

Many within this group have found Crypto10 Hedged (C10), a unique index fund provided by Invictus Capital that allows investors to maintain a portfolio of the top-10 performing cryptocurrencies through a single ERC-20 token (the C10 token), while mitigating the volatility that traditionally comes with investing so widely in the cryptocurrency market.

The fund’s assets under management have eclipsed $8.5 million in recent days, with significant gains from BTC’s rally. But it may surprise you to learn that C10 has outperformed even bitcoin’s stellar returns across 2021.

“The dominant crypto asset, bitcoin, has seen tremendous growth over the recent bull run, surpassing its previous all-time high of $20,000 by over 150 percent to more than $52,000,” said Andrew Knight, Invictus Capital’s vice president of analytics. “Altcoins such as ETH have yet to reach quite the same level of outperformance relative to their 2018 highs, however, they have been staging impressive resurgence off of the back of bitcoin’s rally, contributing to the C10 fund’s performance.”

C10 is structured in a unique way to capitalize on a bull run like this — in which bitcoin is surging and lifting most of the cryptocurrency market along with it. But it’s also structured to mitigate the volatility that almost certainly comes with these crypto rallies as well.

“The index fund comprises the top-10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, which rebalances weekly — a frequency optimized by our quant team to enhance returns by locking in profits from surging assets, and similarly reducing exposure to assets in free fall,” a release from Invictus Capital explained. “There is also a cap of 15 percent per asset, which ensures further risk mitigation by preventing single cryptocurrencies from dominating the portfolio.”

Furthermore, C10’s rebalancing process allocates cash every week in response to market movements. This allows the fund to hedge against downside volatility by allocating up to 100 percent exposure to yield-bearing cash when the market is trending down. It’s a unique aspect that helps protect investors from the volatility that traditionally comes with bitcoin and cryptocurrency investment.

Ultimately, this structure is designed for medium- to long-term investors, those who are embracing this class of financial asset as a future that will only grow brighter. In this way, it is a much-needed product in the space and one that can help investors who might be adverse to other, more risky avenues of bitcoin investment to get exposure to BTC.

“C10 is a tokenized index fund that serves as an excellent diversification tool for those interested in adding cryptocurrency to their portfolios,” concluded Daniel Schwartzkoppf, CEO of Invictus Capital.

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Invictus Capital Introduces Bitcoin Alpha Fund With Downside Protection For Investors

This is a promoted article provided by Invictus Capital.

Invictus Capital, a leading blockchain asset management platform, has announced the latest upcoming fund in its offerings set which gives investors exposure to BTC while offering additional yield as well as downside risk protection.

The Invictus Bitcoin Alpha Fund (IBA) is designed to outperform BTC by leveraging options and lending strategies that seek to give long-term BTC investors enhanced returns. The fund will maintain full BTC exposure at all times, while utilizing proprietary lending software to generate additional returns. Global investors are able to subscribe into the tokenized fund with a section of crypto assets, including USDT.

“IBA Fund drawdown in any calendar month will be capped at -10 percent — this is achieved through the purchase of an out-of-the-money put option — giving the fund the right to sell bitcoin holdings above market value in the case of a price collapse,” Daniel Schwartzkopff, Invictus CEO, explained. “The price of this put option is covered by the sale of a far out-of-the-money call option and returns generated from lending of the fund’s assets through the Invictus Margin Lending Fund — with the former enabled by portfolio margin agreements with the platforms we operate on.”

With its exposure to the world’s original cryptocurrency and a drawdown floor, IBA is ideal for investors who are looking to diversify their portfolios with an investment that provides value over a significant time threshold.

“Bitcoin’s returns exhibit low correlation to most traditional asset classes, making it a powerful addition to an investor’s holistic portfolio,” Schwartzkopff said. “The fund is suitable for investors with a medium- to long-term horizon. In particular, it may be appealing to long-term bitcoin holders who wish to maintain their long exposure but are concerned about large price downturns.”

IBA is offering investors a once-in-a-lifetime chance to invest in a truly revolutionary asset that has not yet realized its full potential, while providing peace of mind that their capital is protected from sudden exogenous shocks.

“Bitcoin’s market capitalization pales in comparison to more traditional financial assets such as stocks, bonds or even gold,” explained Schwartzkopff. “This means bitcoin has enormous upside potential if it can capture even a small fraction of traditional markets. This asymmetry makes Bitcoin appealing to investors who are willing to risk a small amount of investment capital for the opportunity of an outsized return.”

The fund charges no management fee, but rather a 20 percent performance fee charged on spot outperformance — with backtests of the strategy showing significant outperformance as a result of the downside protection. The fund is already operational, having raised over $450,000 since its launch mid-August.

Bringing Proven Success To Bitcoin

To successfully manage IBA, Invictus Capital will be drawing on the success of its past offerings, which include Crypto 20, the first tokenized crypto asset fund; Hyperion, the world’s first tokenized venture capital fund; and the EMS Fund, an innovative solar energy infrastructure fund.

Invictus creates value for its investors through a scientific and data-driven approach that simplifies investment decisions, transparency around investor interest that protects privacy and wide-ranging collaborations that leverage a diverse range of knowledge and skillsets.

IBA’s unique offering, combined with the proven expertise of Invictus Capital, has created an investment opportunity that is truly novel in the Bitcoin space and something that should receive significant attention from investors.

You can learn more about IBA through Invictus Capital’s Litepaper and slide deck.

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