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Bet on EURO 2020 and Win Crypto with EUROMANIA!

The 1xBit team is incredibly pleased to announce our latest event: EUROMANIA! The event will provide an opportunity for players to collect lottery tickets and get a chance to win big! The grand prize is 1 Bitcoin!

Note: We want to highlight that having more tickets increases your chances of winning.

1xBit is all about fostering a sense of community and helping our members feel like they belong. Part of creating such a friendly and lively environment is creating well-thought and engaging events, especially for our sports fans. EUROMANIA is one of the most-anticipated 1xBit events, and we hope you have a memorable time. May the odds be in your favor!

Bringing your sports love to life at 1xBit starts here. Let’s kick things off with a bang!

EUROMANIA Event Betting:

Players should bet on EURO 2020 events via Live/Line from 10th June 2021 to 11th July 2021. The purpose of this event betting is for players to collect as many lottery tickets as possible. More tickets mean that they can win bigger prizes.

Each lottery ticket boosts your chance of winning the grand prize, so don’t let this opportunity go to waste. This event is perfect for betting on EURO to win big CRYPTO rewards!


The EUROMANIA event is dedicated to helping football fans and sports enthusiast in general to come together and unite under a common banner and celebrate the most auspicious sports event of the year. As a renowned sportsbook, 1xBit leads with its best foot forward.

The total prize pool for this event is more than 3 Bitcoin, with 1 Bitcoin being the ultimate prize. In total, there will be 5 draws for prizes up to 50 mBTC and 100 mBTC after each stage of the championship.

Why choose 1xBit?

1xBit is an online crypto-friendly casino games, gambling, and slots platform. It is also a sportsbook where you can place bets on your favorite sports in Bitcoin and 30 altcoins!

We want to keep the sports betting experience fun and interesting for all of our players. We have a huge selection of sporting events that take place throughout the year. Plus, our odds are highly rewarding because we want our players to win big. And don’t forget to claim a Welcome Bonus of up to 7 BTC after making your first 4 deposits!

EUROMANIA will have five draws, with the ultimate grand prize being 1 Bitcoin. Come on over and strategize to collect tickets that will maximize your chances of winning big!

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CPI and dVest Announce the Launch of dDEXX – An Automated Market Maker based DEX on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network

Traders and token holders of all kinds can now earn massive rewards on the dDEXX liquidity pools and yield farms.

June 16th, 2021 — Fresh off the recent acquisition of the dVest Project portfolio and launch of the DeFiVest liquidity protocol, CPI Dev Team, Ltd. — the parent company of the Crypto Price Index project — has announced the launch of the dDEXX Automated Market Maker (AMM) based Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on the Binance Smart Chain.

In addition to the traditional exchange and swap functionality, users can now earn high APRs in the dDEXX yield farms and liquidity pools by providing liquidity to various trading pairs in the dVest ecosystem, in addition to the transaction fees they earn by providing liquidity in the first place.

“Our goal is to create a completely decentralized economic system that is self-sustainable, self-balancing, and can reward token holders and participants well, while remaining economically sound over the long term,” said Herbert Law, CEO of dVest and CPI Dev Team, Ltd. “We will be introducing additional features and expanding the platform fairly rapidly over the next several weeks and months,” he added.

The dVest team is currently developing the Ethereum network version of the DEX and plans to roll that out in the next month, and they are also looking into expanding the platform to other networks as well.

Check out dDEXX at

For more information about the dVest project, visit


The dVest ecosystem consists of the DeFiVest liquidity protocol, the dDEXX decentralized exchange, and the Crypto Price Index project.

dVest tokens power the dVest ecosystem and earn rewards for token holders from dVest exchange revenues, liquidity mining, staking, and more.

Media Contact :

Contact Name: Herbert Law
Contact Email:


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DAO1 Announces the First Edition of its International Blockchain Hackathon

The multi-stage DAO1 International Blockchain Hackathon commences on June 18, 2021.

June 16, 2021, Singapore: The community-led socio-economic blockchain infrastructure project DAO1 has finalized the dates for its first of many blockchain hackathons. The DAO1 International Blockchain Hackathon will be held in two stages from June 18, 2021 till July, 2, 2021, enabling participants to showcase their innovative projects to a wider community. Registrations for the event are open till June 18, 2021 23:59 UTC.

DAO1 is a community-led, Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)- governed project that offers some of the best financial products as it embarks on a mission to promote universal access to specialized financial solutions to the masses.

The International Blockchain Hackathon and the upcoming DAO1 Incubator Program are part of DAO1’s initiative to promote innovation in the field of blockchain-based financial products.

The upcoming DAO1 International Hackathon will be held in two stages. Registrations for Stage 1 is now open till June 18, 2021 at

How to Participate

Visit and click on the “Register” or “Sign up now” buttons to sign up and fill the accompanying form to register for the DAO1 International Blockchain Hackathon. Please provide brief details about your team and the innovative idea that you wish to turn into a reality. Once the applications are filled the jury members, which are seasoned blockchain developers and industry experts, will verify all the entries and shortlist the submissions that will proceed to Stage 2 of the Hackathon.

The shortlisted participants from Stage 1 will be announced on June 20, 2021 and the selected entries will proceed to Stage 2. They can continue working on their idea to create a proof of concept that needs to be submitted before the second stage of the hackathon kicks off on June 30, 2021. The jury will evaluate the final submissions and interact with the teams to understand the projects and the problems they are planning to solve. Following the evaluation of submissions by DAO1 Hackathon’s panel of judges the entries will be voted upon by the DAO1 community. Based on the decisions of the jury and the community, DAO1 will announce the winners of its first ever International Blockchain Hackathon.

Eligibility Criteria

To participate in the DAO1 International Blockchain Hackathon the participants should hold at least 1 DAO1 Token, which is available for purchase on major DEXs like Uniswap, QuickSwap and SafeSwap in addition to centralized exchanges such as BarterTrade.

The hackathon is not accepting entries from already established blockchain projects. Only fresh ideas and new projects can apply for the event.

Important Dates

Registrations for the DAO1 International Blockchain Hackathon will Close on June 18, 2021, followed by Stage 1 of the event where the candidates will be shortlisted for the next stage.

The shortlisted candidates for Stage 2 of the DAO1 International Hackathon will be announced on or before June 20, to be followed by the pre-hackathon (Stage 2) preparation. During the 2nd Stage participants will develop the Proof of Concept/MVP of their idea along with accompanying presentations and documentation for final submission before June 29, 2021.

Stage 2 of the hackathon is scheduled from June 30 till July 2, with exciting sessions from some of the top minds in the crypto industry, followed by the announcement of winners based on the jury evaluation and community voting.

Winners of the DAO1 International Hackathon will receive prizes from the 25000 USDT prize pool along with a guaranteed position in the upcoming DAO1 Incubation program where they can fulfil the transformation of their idea into a full-blown product.

Purchase DAO1

DAO1 can be purchased on DEXs Uniswap, QuickSwap, SafeSwap and centralized exchanges like BarterTrade and Bilaxy.

Hurry! register before June 18 to participate in the DAO1 International Blockchain Hackathon

About DAO1

DAO1 is an all-inclusive community-led socio economic blockchain architecture with tools like Decentralized Fund (DeF), Hybrid Advisory, Startup Funds, Incubator platform, and NFT Charity initiative that empower the community to pursue financial sovereignty under excellent governance from day-one.

Media Contact


Official website:

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Tidex Platform Launches Smart Staking with High Profitability

The multifunctional platform Tidex with infinite, according to its developers, possibilities, launches staking on cryptocurrencies. The project team offers users an alternative view on staking. Let’s explore the specifics of staking crypto on Tidex.

Few words on staking

Staking is the process of earning cryptocurrencies by holding them. There are various approaches to how it functions. For example, earning on staking on many decentralized projects (DeFi) assumes locking users’ funds for the needs of the project. This scheme is often used, among other options, for launching lending platforms. Users whose funds are engaged in lending get the percentage of the interests paid by borrowers.

Interesting fact! Staking might be seen as an alternative to traditional mining that is a very energy-intensive process, which, according to the Cambridge scientists, greatly harms the ecology.

Amidst the corona crisis of 2020 many people are challenged to find additional and alternative sources of income to guarantee a stable cash flow. Staking is one of such options.

To simplify the process of choosing well-matched offers for stakers, the team of the multifunctional platform Tidex listed the best offers in one place. Moreover, the project developers offer users technical solutions that make staking easier and more effective.

The Tidex approach to operating can be qualified as smart staking as the team united on their platform the best instruments for earning on holding digital assets.

6 reasons to start staking crypto on Tidex

  1. All offers at once place. On the platform, there are offers for staking crypto with different levels of profitability. The process of choosing projects by yourself together with analysing their security might take plenty of time. With Tidex, this work of stakers has been already done by the team of professionals.
  2. Staking with Tidex is safe. Unfortunately, the cryptocurrency market is full of unstable projects. Identification of such projects might require complex technical audits. The users of Tidex platforms get only those offers for passive income that were checked by experts in the field. The project, the functionality of which lies beyond offering staking crypto, has been successfully operating on the digital assets market for many years. There was not an occasion when the Tidex security systems failed.
  3. Tidex has an efficient support team. Should the users need a consultation, the platform has instantly available moderators and management in the live chat on the webpage. Also, the Tidex team actively communicates with the community via Telegram chat.
  4. It is possible to start earning in few clicks. Tidex differentiates itself among other platforms by the intuitive design that allows users to swiftly get passive income from staking.
  5. Tidex does not charge fees on staking. The platform is free from hidden charges.
  6. Tidex ecosystem provides additional services for transactions with earned cryptocurrencies. For example, platform users can convert digital assets on the exchange.


Currently, Tidex supports staking WAVES, the internal token of the Tidex platform, bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDC, DAI, USDN, and other cryptocurrencies. Each user can be involved in staking several coins at a time. Moreover, the profitability from staking digital assets can come as a pleasant surprise. The developers promise up to 50% annually on a range of cryptocurrencies.

The Tidex team also plans to widen the list of cryptocurrencies available for staking. Also, users can suggest cryptocurrencies to be listed for staking on the platform.

The official Tidex webpage screen


Starting staking with Tidex is one of the easiest ways to organize passive income. The project team provides users with a set of technical solutions that ensure secure and seamless staking.

The collection of lucrative offers at one place – on the Tidex platform – simplifies the process of starting staking. The user-friendliness of the interface and transparent terms of use bring this type of earning passive income to a whole new level.

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Dirham (DAH) Project : A Different Regulated Take on Traditional Stablecoin Market

Antalya, Turkey / June 9, 2021 / Dirham (DAH) ecosystem announced the launch of the world’s first regulated stablecoin pegged against the dirham (AED) governed by smart contracts that ensures transparency of funds along with minimal fluctuation. Building a viable stablecoin is as much of a trust problem as it is a computer science one. While Bitcoin created a system based on cryptographic proof instead of trust, a fiat-pegged stablecoin requires both due to its reliance on a centralized issuer.

For example, in February 2019, JPMorgan became the first bank in the United States to create and test a digital coin that represents 1 USD. As the cryptocurrency industry grows, other banks, financial services companies, and even governments will create stable digital currencies (e.g., Central Bank Digital Currencies), as will large organizations outside of the finance sector.

DIRHAM Token (DAH) is a stablecoin like USDT and others. Acts as a clipboard for exchange and trading on the exchange. Determined by the value of the fiat currency dirham (AED) / dollar (USD) and protects against the instability of cryptocurrencies. The value of a digital asset is 20% secured by AED / USD and 80% secured by the issuance or burning of a token within the framework of the blockchain protocol. Full 100% provision of a digital asset by an external traditional real asset will be completed by the specified path. Dirham is now used as a reduced volatility clipboard. Has a wallet, an exchanger, as well as the Dirham Trade exchange (, trading on which will be open after the ICO on 06/19/2021.

The team behind the project has implemented the dirham as a stable currency, the terms of the DAH protocol are spelled out in the Etherscan smart contract. The next stage of implementation – a simple One-Tap application ( – is an instant one-touch transfer of cryptocurrency, regardless of the state of the network. Habicoin (HAB) ( is a cryptocurrency with an individual blockchain, ideal for mining and “simple” on the network. DIPAY ( is a technology that collects and transmits payment information for online payments from customers to acquirers around the world. All this will make it possible to implement a large-scalable project that has not yet been implemented by anyone. These four components will work in tandem to provide a single mechanism for Dirham.

The Habicoin, an Integral Part of DAH Ecosystem

Habicoin (HAB) is a smart cryptocurrency with an individual blockchain, perfect for mining, guarantees fair confidentiality and decentralization, “easy” on the network with minimal fees.

Built-in hardware and cold storage wallet and an individual unique Staking admin panel for each client. HAB ++, open-source, easy-to-use GUI based on ultra-fast configurable C ++ node and wallet backend. Supports sending / receiving via file, http(s), and grinbox. Supports Windows, macOS, and Linux. To transfer coins on the HLS blockchain, the sender and recipient must exchange verification information. In this regard, still need Person 1 and Person 2 to communicate, but they do not have to be online at the same time for the transaction to take place.

Among other things, the HLS blockchain will use a function called cut-through, which reduces the amount of data in the block by removing unnecessary information about transactions. So instead of recording each input and output, only one data pair will be recorded in the block.

On the technical side, HLS supports the network and extends the concept of transaction confidentiality (CT). In simple terms, CT is a privacy tool that hides the number of transfers in the blockchain.

Tokenomics, ICO and Roadmap

The total initial supply of 11,000,000,000 DAH would be distributed in the following manner.

  • 83 % – IPO primary listing for use as a stable digital asset “stablecoin”
  • 5 % – ICO to republican investors, accredited and physical investors for crowdfunding, (receiving a low price of $ 0.2025 per coin) and subsequent sale on trading platforms with a profit of 25% (no more than 550000000 million). coins priced at 0.2025$/ 111375000 $)
  • 3 % – Rewards, grants, and funding.
  • 3 % – Dirham Foundation, for engineering, community building, and marketing promotions
  • 6 % – Creators, team, and development

The session duration is 14 days, the sale is available on Finexbox, Coinsbit, and P2PB2B after the end of the IPO session.

  • ICO: start on 05/26/2021. Deadline: 05/26/2021 – 06/19/2021 (24 days).
  • Cost of 1 DAH in ICO 1 DAH – $ 0.2025
  • (The price is reduced by 25% when buying a DAH token during the ICO, for $ 0.2025 user can buy – on the exchange user can sell for $ 0.27).

ICO Stake: 06/20/2021 – 08/29/2021 (100 days). User will receive 0.8% per day of the volume of coins for 100 days. (Withdrawal of profit is available). Further, this program will continue, but the price for the token will already be on the exchange. A fifteen-level affiliate program with favorable interest rates – up to 38%. User also have other rewards from the network – these are rewards and monthly accruals.

After the development of the One-Tap application (this is a one-touch system for sending any cryptocurrency, regardless of the state of the network, it provides an instant transfer of the payment, the received volume can be used within three seconds), User will not have to pay the commission set by the application.

Social Links :

Registration key: (registration only by key).

Media Contact :

Contact Person: Executive Director André
Company Name: Dirham
Country: Turkey
City: Antalya


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Online Bitcoin Slot Games 2021: 7BitCasino Integrates New Crypto Slots

Cryptocurrency gambling is getting more and more popular among casino fans. Bitcoin slot machine games are the top favorites among players. So, it is no wonder that leading online crypto casinos strive to expand their gaming lobbies with new titles. 7BitCasino regularly adjusts its online Bitcoin slots collection. Recently, they added several top-tier BTC slot games to their assortment.

What Makes Online Bitcoin Slots So Popular

The hype around crypto gambling is easy to explain. There are several reasons why crypto slots are so trending among gamblers:

  • Security: Players don’t need to worry about hacker attacks or confidential information leaks when they play Bitcoin slots because all transactions run via secure peer-to-peer blockchain channels.
  • Fast speed: Gamblers can deposit and pull out their winnings from BTC slots at lightning speed. It is very time-saving compared to bank transfers or card payments that take up to 3-5 days.
  • Higher winning chances: As far as crypto casinos have a minor house edge than regular online casinos, players have better chances to make a solid profit on Bitcoin games.
  • Bonuses: BTC slot-lovers often receive lavish bonuses from a gambling house. These can be match perks, cashback, and free spins.
  • Provably Fair games: Crypto slot providers tend to make their products 100% trusted. Thus, most BTC slots operate by the Provably Fair algorithm.

7BitCasino Best Crypto Slots to Play in 2021

7BitCasino has over 6000 online games from 80+ eminent providers, and new titles keep coming all the time. Their games are Provably Fair and RNG-confirmed. If gamblers want to play the best Bitcoin slots online, they can find a vast range of crypto slot machines at the 7BitCasino rich lobby. Their current portfolio includes classic 3-reel fruit machines, video, 3D, and progressive jackpot BTC slots. Recently, this respectful crypto casino has integrated several new top-notch games.

Fruit Million

This high-variance 5-reel slot comes from the well-recognized developer BGaming. Fruit Million offers one hundred ways to win. Plus, the game has many stunning features for mind-blowing on-reel action: expanding wilds, re-spins, Risk and Gamble options, and a free spin round. This BTC slot will mesmerize all admirers of classic fruit amusements. RTP – 97.1%.

Wild Spin

This well-polished Bitcoin slot is the latest creation of the talented vendor Platipus. The game has 5 reels and 25 paylines. Wild Spin has a minimalistic interface and classic symbol design that make this slot so enjoyable to play. Free spin extras are also available. Plus, gamblers may hit a jaw-dropping jackpot that makes 50,000. RTP – 95.1%.

All Lucky Clovers

The 5-reel fruit slot by BGaming has everything needed for a dynamic and exciting BTC gambling pastime: wilds, bonus symbols, and Gamble feature. Bet ways in All Lucky Clovers may expand from five to one hundred lines, boosting players’ chances of epic wins. BGaming deserves standing ovations for making its slot so well-designed, high-paying, and mobile-friendly. RTP – 97.0%.

What Is Provably Fair Bitcoin Gambling?

Casino players want to make sure that a gambling house will not cheat them, especially when real money is at stake. At 7BitCasino, gamblers can be confident in transparent outcomes due to the Provably Fair system. It protects customers from falsified results while playing online Bitcoin slots.

The Provably Fair system involves three major components:

  1. Server seed (comes from the casino side);
  2. User seed (generated through the player’s browser);
  3. Nonce (points to a number that increases with every subsequent bet).

It works this way. A player receives an encrypted hash with a server seed before he/she makes a bet. After each spin, gamblers may check whether a final outcome matches the pre-betting encryption. The Provably Fair algorithm predetermines the result in advance, and a casino can’t change it. Thus, customers can verify the pureness of each wager without third-party auditors.

Bitcoin slots that operate by the Provably Fair principle are very popular among players, and 7BitCasino offers a great selection of such games. Moreover, playing at 7Bit, customers receive generous BTC bonuses, which they may spend in the best crypto slots.


Author’s Bio

Andrew Clarkson is an expert in the online gambling and betting industry at with more than 7 years of experience. His professional life can be called a great example of how a person has turned what was a hobby into a successful career as a gaming consultant and casino adviser.

In addition to his interest in casino gaming, he likes to attend different journalism conferences.

Keeping abreast of the latest sports and online gambling events around the world, he now covers the most interesting topics about popular online casino games, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

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2local Native Coin 2LC Will Be Listed On Bitrue Exchange On The 1st Of June

2Local is an eco-conscious fintech company from the Netherlands. The company is getting more recognition in the crypto/blockchain space as 2local continues to reach new milestones on its roadmap again and again to deliver what has been promised. Many milestones have already been reached. The last one was attained on the 11th of April when the 2local demo DeFi crypto exchange went live. On the 1st of June, 2local will deliver another promise – the 2local native coin 2LC will be listed on one of the fastest-growing crypto exchanges. This achievement has plenty of benefits, one of which is that it will act as a trampoline for 2local to be listed on Tier 1 crypto exchanges. And much more than that!

2local is a FinTech company with a global eco-friendly mission

The 2local loyalty platform aims to achieve a sustainable world with prosperity for all. The company introduced a cashback system that supports sustainable and local-to-local working businesses and makes their products available to everyone.

The eco-friendly system serves as a podium for fostering thriving communities, societal growth for all and a sustainable world, beyond the current malfunctioning monetary and economic system. It makes a significant contribution to prosperity for everyone, worldwide.

2local can be compared to social banking, but without inflation, which is an intertwined product of centralized financing.

Features of the 2local platform

Users of 2local can get cashback from their participation on the platform. This cashback is generated from the profit of Yield Farms and Staking Pools. 2local doesn’t profit from its users but creates value with its users.

The 2local platform has or will have the following features:

  • Payment app with exchange options
  • Marketplace with connected companies in app
  • Debit card
  • Decentralized multi-currency wallet
  • Cashback system for locally or sustainable working companies.

More benefits of 2local

  • 8 billion 2LC tokens built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • Audited by CertiK (official Binance partner) with an excellent score of 95/100
  • Full Hybrid Exchange (Swap)
  • Yield Farms
  • Staking Pools
  • Payment Service

Problems that 2local tackles and solutions it offers

Problem 1: Profits of the rich and powerful! A small number of giant corporations, financial institutions and billionaires have amassed enormous wealth by operating in global financial markets at the expense of society as a whole.

Solution: 2 local stands for global sustainability and prosperity for everyone by introducing a new digital currency system to which a cashback system is linked. This makes local and sustainable purchases accessible to everyone. The participation of each individual is made possible by the smart design of a digital currency suitable for consumers and connected companies, built on innovative blockchain technology.

Problem 2: Inequality! The neoliberal economy led by a limited number of industrialists, wealthy globalists, and corporate shareholders shaped the course of global events with a focus solely on profit. They manipulate the direction of international policy, increasing inequality in the world. Many people therefore live in poverty and suffer from hunger. The elite group wants the status quo to continue.

Solution: 2local is transforming the system created by powerful companies into strengthening local communities. 2local strives for accessibility for everyone, not just people with purchasing power. Digital coins are available to everyone, including people in the poor and emerging countries, who currently do not have access to the traditional banking system. A cashback system developed by 2local makes its ecosystem sustainable and local products accessible to everyone.

Problem 3: Power in the hands of multinationals! Multinational corporations produce where labor and raw materials are cheapest and then market their products where purchasing power is greatest. They ignore the consequences for society. Likewise, private banks create money out of thin air by lending and increasing both public and private debt. Those debts must, of course, be repaid and with substantial interest. So as long as this economic growth model continues, the debt will only increase, which could result in global economic and financial collapse.

Solution: 2local plans to transform the current repressive economic and financial system into a more cooperative one, targeting local businesses and consumers, facilitated by its cryptocurrency. This initiative unleashes a small-scale, sustainable and local movement worldwide. Instead of competition, which will only give more power and profit to giant companies, 2local will promote local and sustainable partnerships. The marketplace on the websites of the connected companies will easily connect consumers with producers. This allows local communities to stay connected worldwide.

Bitrue Exchange

Bitrue is one of the fastest growing crypto exchanges. Despite being less widely known, it ranks among the largest 70 crypto exchanges on Coinmarketcap. The Bitrue exchange has a focus on trading cryptocurrencies. Market professionals and blockchain enthusiasts founded the exchange with a mission to provide crypto traders with a safe and easy way to trade cryptocurrencies.

The benefits of the partnership between 2local and Bitrue

The cooperation between 2local and Bitrue will contribute to 2local’s mission, as described in this article. The users can easily buy 2 local coins on one of the most secure crypto exchanges.

In addition, the listing of 2local coins on Bitrue will open doors to Tier 1 crypto exchanges. Most exchanges and other 2local partners require the 2local token to be listed on the mid exchanges before the token can be listed on the top exchanges. 2local’s recent partner Simplex also requires this before they can enable their services to buy cryptocurrencies on Tier 1 exchanges.

Further events that will follow the listing

  • 2local will also list its token on the exchanges, where its IEO was issued: ExMarkets, LATOKEN and P2P.
  • 2 local accounts are swapped from Stellar 2LC to BEP20 2LC at the same time.
  • A Staking Pool with high rewards is available to the users.
  • After listing, the path to Tier 1 exchanges opens.

Participate in the revolutionary mission of 2local and be part of the innovation they are about to bring in the world of blockchain and crypto.

Learn More about 2local:

Website :
Twitter :
Telegram :
LinkedIn :
Medium :


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A Review of LiveTrades

Online trading in recent days has become a bit of a hobby as well as a profession as more people are driven by the desire to make huge profits amidst volatile markets. While professional traders have it all sorted out, hobbyists and newbie traders will have a lot of catching up to do before they can reap considerable profits from this activity.

LiveTrades, a Reykjavik, Iceland-based online copy trading platform offers a solution that makes it easier for everyone to trade as efficiently as expert traders. LiveTrades is an easy-to-use, financial introduction service that enables quality trading by partnering with some of the top names in the industry. In addition to the advanced, yet easy-to-use and transparent copy trading feature, the platform also offers vanilla self-trading accounts which makes it an ideal fit for modern traders and purists alike. The assets supported on the platform include forex and popular cryptocurrencies including various altcoins.

Copy Live Traders

Copy Live Traders is the copy trading feature on LiveTrades that allows users to copy strategies of some of the best traders and implement them in the market instantly. In addition, it also allows users to put their trading accounts on Auto-Trading mode so that they don’t have to constantly monitor their trades.

To use the Copy Live Traders feature, users will have to first sign up for a secure-segregated trading account on the platform along with necessary KYC verification. Once the account is open, users can pick their traders/systems of choice and deposit funds to their brokerage account to start trading. With the deposit in place the account will start trading within 24 hours and generate returns that will be credited back to their account. On LiveTrades, users can choose whether they want to completely rely on automated trading algorithms or get the help of real traders to manage their assets.

LiveTrades has a strong infrastructure in place which can provide the best service to its users. Its features include high order execution capabilities of under 7.21 ms, over 15 liquidity providers and more.

Account Types

There is no dearth of options for users on LiveTrades. Depending on their usage pattern and requirements, traders on LiveTrades can choose between 4 different account types which include the free Self-Trading Only account, Basic Subscriber, Pro Trader and VIP Trader accounts. While the Self-Trading Only, Pro Trader and VIP Trader accounts are free, requiring a minimum balance of EUR 500, EUR 3000 and EUR 25000 respectively, the Basic Subscriber account has a minimum balance of EUR 1000 with a subscription fee of EUR 99.95 per month. Some of the features of these accounts are shown in the table below.

Account Type Self-Trading Only Basic Subscriber Pro Trader VIP Trader
Monthly Subscriptions Free EUR 99.95 (to be paid after trading starts) Free Free
Balance Requirement EUR 500 EUR 1000 EUR 3000 EUR 25000
Profit Sharing (You/Traders) Self- directed trading only 50%/50% 75%/25% 90%/10%
Trading System Access No Access Most All All + Experimental Systems
Deposit Fee Free Free Free Free
Withdrawal Fee EUR 25 EUR 25 Free Free
Commission Spreads 0.1 – 1.0 >1.0 >0.7 >0.5-0.0
Max Leverage 500:1   Depends on Trader and Strategy Depends on Trader and Strategy


The platform supports a range of deposit and withdrawal options including major credit and debit cards, bank transfers, WireX Gateway, third-party payment wallets and major cryptocurrencies like BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XMR, XRP, USDT etc.

Delivering a Great User Experience

LiveTrades is designed to offer a best-in-class user experience with features tailored for the trader’s convenience. Even though the platform is only available as a web application, it has a responsive interface that can be easily accommodated on any screen type. Users can interact with LiveTrades on their mobile phone browser, just like they would be using a native mobile application. Meanwhile, the 24/7 customer support team at LiveTrades are always within reach to address any customer issues or queries.

Further, the platform has a dedicated education section where users can learn how to trade, get a better understanding of cryptocurrencies and learn how to use the LiveTrades platform.

The use of industry-standard security infrastructure protects users and their funds from malicious actors while securing their private information. The military-grade AES-256 encryption, SSL implementation and the use of third-party regulated brokerage partners for secure storage of funds ensure all-round safety and peace of mind for the users.

In addition, LiveTrades keeps its users engaged with exciting contests and referral programs where they can participate and earn rewards.


LiveTrades is a  no-frill, easy-to-use copy trading platform for forex and cryptocurrencies. The platform doesn’t make any tall claims and maintains a decent level of transparency regarding its operations. Its strengths are recognized in the form of few awards the platform is won in recent times. Considering all these and the fact that users don’t need to be experienced traders to use LiveTrades, it seems like a platform that is worth giving a try.

Register on LiveTrade at –



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dApps: Gambling With Total Anonymity

Cryptocurrency, an alternate digital currency offers users the opportunity to trade goods and services internationally with no international transaction fees. Cryptocurrency is the backbone of online gambling, which has flourished due to its anonymity; when compared to fiat money such as regular currency (dollars, euros, pounds), cryptocurrencies can easily be transferred without a trace. Gamblers love anonymity and the last thing they want on their monthly bank statement is a transaction with an online casino. With the rise of Bitcoin (BTC) and other altcoins, online casinos are thriving, and gambling is easier than ever before. Cryptocurrency can be exchanged for BTC or altcoins with ease, giving users almost instant access to their casino funds. Cryptocurrency plays into the anonymity of online gambling; when one buys BTC from an exchange platform such as Coinbase, they can then utilize the coins to gamble at one of many online casinos. This phenomenon has given rise to a new form of betting called “crypto-gambling”, where gamblers can use BTC in place of traditional casino chips. Some online casinos offer incentives such as reduced house edge percentages for using cryptocurrency.

Gambling Dapps are booming in popularity. Dapps are applications built on the blockchain, a distributed ledger which is stored on a network of computers and spread across the world, and therefore has no central point of failure. “Dapps”, or “decentralized applications”, are designed to run without a central party, such as an online casino website. Blockchain technology is what makes the existence of online gambling possible; it puts trust in the hands of people, rather than corporations that have a vested interest in keeping customer funds safe. Dapps offer transparency, security and anonymity that online casinos simply cannot offer (unless they utilized blockchain technology too). Gambling dapps & decentralized casinos are decentralized platforms that run on the blockchain, allowing users to anonymously place bets. This eliminates the need for a middleman such as an online casino or sportsbook which would handle the funds. One popular decentralized casino is FunFair, which touts itself as the “future of online gambling” and has gained popularity due to being a blockchain-based platform.

Cryptocurrency is at its highest point in history, and gambling with cryptocurrency is being embraced by more people than ever before; its popularity can only be expected to increase. Upcoming technologies such as blockchain will revolutionize the way we gamble and transact money, while also ensuring the security of funds that have previously been at risk.

Decentralized apps like these will help make cryptocurrency and gambling go hand-in-hand.

Gamblers want to have fun, as well as win some extra cash. When you look at the gambling industry over the past few years, you will see a huge shift from land-based casinos to online casinos. The future of the online world is going to be decentralized, and this is what excites many people in the gambling industry.

Decentralized apps will help focus on cryptocurrency integration. There are a few different ways that cryptocurrency implementation could happen. One of these ways is through online casinos. Online casinos are already well established and accepted by the public, so it would be very easy to integrate cryptocurrency into them. Cryptocurrency allows for anonymity when gambling. In a land-based casino, you have to provide ID when cashing out your winnings.


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Who Are the Top 10 Crypto Advocates?

As a new investor, it can be quite challenging to know what exactly is going on in the frantic crypto market. At times, the cryptocurrency market seems like a living and breathing entity, with prices following both facts and hype.

But no matter if you are new in the market that wants to buy bitcoin with credit card or a seasoned veteran that trades daily, there are some crypto influencers that everyone should be following.

Sometimes, a single tweet from these crypto advocates can sway the market in either direction. For this reason, we created this list of the most influential personalities in the crypto sphere, that any crypto enthusiast should be following on Twitter.

1.  Anthony Pompliano

Anthony Pompliano is one of the most important bitcoin advocates in the crypto community. He’s the co-founder of blockchain venture capital firm Morgan Creek Digital Assets and writes one of the most beloved newsletters in the community, the Pomp letter.

He is a big supporter of bitcoin and advocates for its superiority over other store-of-value assets such as gold. With a following of more than 700k on Twitter, his ponderings on crypto are rarely left unnoticed.

2.  Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos is one of the most renowned and appreciated bitcoin educators. His bestseller series of books “The Internet of Money” have been an eye-opener to many other personalities on this very list.

Many consider him to be one of the OG of crypto, spreading the truth before in front of empty auditoriums over a decade ago. His perseverance has paid off, with crypto slowly, but surely reaching mainstream attention.

3.  Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin is the co-founder of Ethereum – the #2 crypto by market cap and the #1 smart contract blockchain in the world. Considered as one of the big thinkers of the sphere, he’s revered by many and has more than a million followers on Twitter.

More than just a source on Ethereum updates, his tweets are often sources of wisdom and point out the hidden benefits of crypto for humanity.

4.  Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss

Twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss were made famous by the movie “The Social Network”. They are long-time Bitcoin investors and the co-founders of famous crypto exchange Gemini.

They often praise the properties of Bitcoin and expose how the original cryptocurrency is the solution to most of our financial woes.

5.  Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey is the founder and CEO of Twitter and a long-time advocate for bitcoin and crypto. He also founded Square, a financial app which invested 25% of their assets in Bitcoin in October 2020.

Recently, he sold his first tweet as an NFT for $2.9 million and donated this money to charity, after exchanging it into BTC.

6.  Elon Musk

Elon Musk doesn’t really need an introduction. He’s the famous tech guru and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla. But more importantly in the current narrative, he’s a huge advocate for crypto.

His love for cryptocurrencies began with the meme crypto Dogecoin. His tweets have pumped the price of DOGE many times in the past.

However, his most substantial support to the crypto environment was when Tesla invested $1.5 billion of its assets in Bitcoin.

7.  Changpeng Zhao

CZ Binance is the CEO of Binance, the most popular crypto exchange in the world. Launched in 2017, his company quickly overtook the competition, showing his dedication and knack for business in this market.

He’s a highly appreciated personality in the crypto community, best known for his “Funds are safu” meme, regarding the safety of user’s funds on the exchange.

8.  Brian Armstrong

Another crypto exchange CEO, Brian Armstrong is the head and co-founder of Coinbase. Coinbase recently became the first crypto-related business to be publicly traded on the US stock exchange.

This event is regarded as a milestone for cryptocurrencies, where they stopped being a novelty and became “serious business”.

9.  Michael Saylor

Michael Saylor is the founder, chairman, and CEO of MicroStrategy, a business intelligence firm.

He’s an outspoken advocate of Bitcoin, both in speech and in action. He often tweets about the benefits of the original crypto, but more importantly, his company has invested more than $50 billion in BTC (current bitcoin price) since the beginning of 2020.

10. Gavin Wood

Gavin Wood is the other co-founder of Ethereum and the inventor of the Solidity programming language. He’s since switched projects and has launched Polkadot, one of the top-rising competitors to Ethereum.

Gavin advocates decentralization above all, which is what his latest project aims to provide – a decentralized web 3.0 for everyone.

Wrap up

Without its advocates, Bitcoin would still be a niche asset, reserved for the tech-savvy community. However, thanks to their trust in the technology and their willingness to spread the good word, the personalities on this list have greatly contributed (and still do) to the rise of crypto into the mainstream.


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