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Daily Bitcoin Transaction Volume Thriving, Nears Milestone $10 Billion

Bitcoin price is booming but there’s still the same old argument that remains: “nobody uses the top cryptocurrency for actual transactions.” While the claim has long been solid due to the asset acting more so as a store of value, daily transaction volume has also been soaring, nearing a milestone $10 billion.

Here’s a closer look at how the ecosystem is thriving , from miner revenues and much more, and how they all factor into the cryptocurrency’s continued global dominance.

Bitcoin Transaction Uptick Brings Network Near Milestone $10 Billion

The recent ongoing crypto market rally has cemented the asset class as a real contender in the finance space, with Bitcoin dealing a major blow to gold and setting sights on the dollar itself.

Bitcoin was designed initially to replace cash, acting as the first ever digital system for such built on a peer-to-peer network. In its early days, the cryptocurrency was used to buy things like pizzas or drugs on the dark web, but once it started to show its value, people instead began to store it, or what the crypto community calls “HODL.”


That has left most pundits sticking to the asset’s biggest flaw: few are using it for actual transactions. However, that’s all changing. Today, the Bitcoin network is sending larger transactions than ever before at a high price per coin. The average transaction made in BTC now averages around half a coin, or around $32,746 – up 20% from just one week ago.

bitcoin daily transactions volume

The Bitcoin network is as healthy as ever, according to most standards | Source: Arcane Research

Total daily transaction volume is also now approaching more than $10 billion each day sent across the network. The number of transactions each day is also up slightly, adding to the metrics.

Data: Diving Deeper Into The Cryptocurrency Network Ecosystem

Miners are also now taking in roughly $5.5 million each day in revenue from fees generated in BTC – a now booming business opportunity. According to ByteTree, nearly all major blockchain network metrics are in the green, with 30-day volatility notably down.

bitcoin trasnactions btc

Bollinger Bands could soon release volatity, right as a top signal has appeared | Source: BTCUSD on

That volatility should soon see a storm of change one way or another soon enough. From a technical standpoint, the Bollinger Bands are at historical tightness, coiling up for what should be an enormous move. Another technical tool says the top could be in, but that doesn’t mean the cryptocurrency can’t surge another almost 100% from current levels before its all said and done.


With the Coinbase listing within hours, Bitcoin now well above $60,000 and so much going on fundamentally in the world of crypto, a transformative breakout that defies all technical odds could be next.

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Source: Bitcoinist News

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Easy As Pi: Bitcoin Indicator Says The Top Is In

Bitcoin price has finally closed a weekly candle over $60,000 on Binance for the first time in the asset’s history, marking the highest weekly close ever. However, just as such a moment is realized, a highly accurate top-sniping indicator with a three for three success rate has called the top of the current crypto market cycle.

But could picking the top in the powerfully trending cryptocurrency really be easy as Pi?

Pi Cycle Top Indicator Says It’s Game Over For Currency Crypto Market Cycle

Bitcoin price is clearly at an inflection point. After rising from $4,000 to more than $60,000 per coin in under a year, the uptrend has taken a long pause, sticking around the resistance level for several weeks now. Technical indicators are and have been extremely overheated; volume and volatility are dropping. All signs are pointing to a sizable correction, yet fundamentals in crypto are the strongest ever.


Even the most bullish on the industry are suddenly finding themselves wondering if a top of the current cycle could be in – even if if the market isn’t behaving like a normal top. Signs are mounting by the day, but picking a peak in each Bitcoin cycle isn’t easy. Or is it?

According to a highly cited “Pi Cycle Top Indicator” on TradingView, the highly accurate tool was able to just about perfectly call all three previous Bitcoin tops – and it has just appeared again with last night’s weekly close.

bitcoin btc pi cycle top indicator

The Pi Cycle Top indicator has given its only fourth ever signal in Bitcoin | Source: BTCUSD on

Bitcoin Market Cycles Tell A Tale Of A An Ultimately Bullish Endgame

Each time in the past, the signal has marked the peak of each cycle on higher timeframes. If the Pi Cycle Top Indicator goes four out of four for picking Bitcoin peaks, that doesn’t mean all is lost for the first ever cryptocurrency.

The most recent peak in 2017 saw the signal appear just one day ahead of the high for the cycle, and was within striking distance from the high. Very few moments passed between the time the signal appeared and the exact high.

bitcoin 2017 pi cycle top

The 2017 "bubble pop" was a near flawless call | Source: BTCUSD on

In 2013, the Pi Cycle Top Indicator missed the exact top, instead appearing on the second “double top” formation, before entering the longest bear market yet.


The anomaly that’s in bull’s favor, is the first 2013 peak. The signal arrived too early, and the trending crypto asset surged another 85% after the indicator said the top was in.

When the first ever cryptocurrency did eventually peak, it saw an enormous rejection, sending the price tumbling a full 82% in four days. Yes, only four days. An 80% correction in four days would see Bitcoin back at $12,000 for a brief point in time.

bitcoin 2013 pi cycle top 2

In 2013, Bitcoin kept going before an 82% correction. Then it did another 3-4x | Source: BTCUSD on

Considering the strong fundamentals and presence of institutional investors, anything that severe of a drop would likely be bought up in a fury, much like it was on Black Thursday just one year ago. Such a strong correction could purge all overheated indicators, shake out any remaining weak hands, and reignite interest for another more powerful leg up.

The Pi Cycle Top Indicator appearing in that case, wouldn’t be all that bad. If another 2013-like scenario plays out, Bitcoin would see a stomach-churning correction any day that would most certainly have the market thinking the peak was in.

If buyers stepped back in like they did in 2013, after short-term bottom Bitcoin rocketed back up another three to four times in price beyond the previous year’s high. In a similar scenario, the leading crypto asset could correct, but then after getting back above $60,000, would eventually see more than $100,000 per coin – a target that is more in line with analyst expectations.

Interestingly, the first 2013 Pi signal took place in April of that year, within two days from the signal appearing in 2021. Whatever the case may be, volatility is about to pick up in Bitcoin just as this top signal has appeared. Knowing all the past scenarios, which is the most probable to occur? Or is this time just pain different?

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Source: Bitcoinist News

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Bank Begins Blocking Shares Of Companies Who Buy Bitcoin

At the height of the last so-called Bitcoin “bubble” banks began feeling the crunch of coming competition and began blocking transactions related to “virtual currencies.” But as we’ve seen as of late, banks are finally coming around along with the rest of the finance world. 

However, not all banks are hopping on the bandwagon, and others are back to their old bag of tricks, blocking investors from not just investing in crypto itself, but companies it deems with exposure to such assets. Here’s more on which bank is taking such steps, and what this means for the market currently.

HSBC Allegedly Blocks Customers From Buying MicroStrategy Shares, Citing New Crypto Policy

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Banks have failed to innovate in decades, leaving them vulnerable to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the entire DeFi industry. So what they’ve done, is begun to offer cryptocurrencies and other unique products more within their realm, such as JP Morgan’s recent basket of companies with some kind of BTC exposure on the books.


The world of payments and finance outside of banks alone – the companies included within JP Morgan’s basket – have all gotten into crypto in some way, from PayPal to Square and more are hopping on board each day. Crypto is the future, and those who have been embracing the technology have the earnings and buzz to show for it.

Yet there still remains several banks and other third-parties skeptical of Bitcoin, with some outright banning their customers and even citizens from accessing the asset class.


According to a crypto company founder, HSBC Canada is taking such a stance, but there’s a twist: they’re not blocking customers from buying BTC or altcoins. They’re instead preventing customers from buying MicroStrategy shares.

More Reasons To Be Your Own Bank With Bitcoin Instead

Blocking customers from buying crypto assets is nothing new. But stopping a customer from investing in a company because of their exposure to Bitcoin, is highly unusual.


MicroStrategy shares have ballooned alongside Bitcoin, as have the earnings of several other companies that got in early enough, but like all volatile assets, had a large, 57% correction after an enormous climb – typical market behavior.

microstrategy bitcoin hsbc bank

Was HSBC trying to save its customers from further crash? | Source: MSTR on

Perhaps HSBC is trying to prevent customers from such outcomes, or it is possible that this is a loophole in the policies related to virtual currencies. Whatever the case may be, the situation is yet another example of what Bitcoin has to offer.

Banks should have no right where their customers can spend their own money. With Bitcoin, you are in charge of your own money and where it goes – whenever you want.

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Source: Bitcoinist News

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Stock-To-Flow Creator: Bitcoin Cycle “Nowhere Near The Top”

Bitcoin price still can’t crack back above $60,000 and prices are slowly moving downward. And while the creator of the popular stock-to-flow model agrees there’s no avoiding regular corrections in the leading cryptocurrency, the top of the current cycle is “nowhere near.”

Here’s a closer look at why the model’s creator is so confident in further price appreciation, along with a technical look at where the cryptocurrency could be in the current cycle, in comparison to previous cycles.

Stock-To-Flow Creator Says The Top In The Current Cycle Is “Nowhere Near”

Bitcoin is well on the way to proving the highly cited stock-to-flow model for predicting future price appreciation to be true. The now revised mathematical model takes into consideration the asset’s limited supply, regularly scheduled halvings, and other factors to formulate a potential trajectory the price per BTC should loosely follow.


Due to the cryptocurrency’s notorious volatility, price can fluctuate significantly yet still for the most part follow the stock-to-flow model’s trajectory. Plan B, the model’s creator took the opportunity to remind followers of the prediction tool that the cryptocurrency can rise or fall by 20% or more in short timeframes.

bitcoin stock to flow creator btc

Stock-to-flow creator says that the top is "nowhere near." | Source: Plan B on Twitter

But regardless of any of the intraday noise, he concludes, this bull run is “nowhere near the top.” Plan B claims that this is both due to what the modified S2FX model predicts, along with outrageously bullish on-chain metrics.

The S2F creator is joined by other top crypto analysts who point to fundamentals that suggest further price appreciation is only a matter of time. There’s less BTC on exchanges, miners are no longer selling, and much more in the coin’s favor.

Beware: Bitcoin Is Overdue For Deeper High Timeframe Correction

At this point, few who understand what Bitcoin has to offer the world expect anything less than hundreds of thousands of dollars per coin. The stock-to-flow model is almost a self-fulfilling prophecy in that respect, where if enough believers expect this to happen and hold as a result, the chances increase that it actually is the ultimate outcome.

But along the way, like the S2FX model creator says, Bitcoin is volatile and that’s likely to remain a key factor in its long-term growth. Even if the top is miles or months away, that doesn’t mean the trending cryptocurrency can’t retest levels lower.

bitcoin high timeframe bull market shakeout

The fifth month after breaking the former ATH acts as the bull market bounce bottom | Source: BTCUSD on

According to a technical look at past cycles, Bitcoin is due for a higher timeframe shakeout of epic proportions. Each bottom tends to occur on the fifth monthly candle after surpassing the former all-time high.

In 2013, Bitcoin fell 74% from the breakout high, to rebound low. It then went on to rise from $64 per coin to $1,200 in the next four months. In 2017, Bitcoin fell 36% to $3,000 then in three months rocketed to $20,000. The same zone ended up acting as the most recent bear market bottom.


The current consolidation could be building a similar type of base. The base building might conclude, however, with a fake out to the downside has it has done in the past, before heading into the final phase of the bull run. The final phase is where the majority of the gains are made, bringing another 1500 and 500% ROI from the two preceding cycles.

If this projection is correct, a crash could be coming that causes investors to question that the top is in. But like the S2F creator says, its nowhere near, and the move is rather normal volatility on the way to much higher prices ahead.

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Source: Bitcoinist News

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Bitcoin Bulls Risk Losing Uptrend Line From Sub-$20K

Bitcoin price is back under $57,000 after losing an important trend line that has supported the cryptocurrency’s now historic uptrend. The critical uptrend line began just after the leading cryptocurrency by market cap cracked back above $20,000 for the first time, and it never looked back since.

Losing such a line, however, could lead to the first extended return to prices previously traded at, requiring a stronger bounce before the Bitcoin bull run resumes.

Bitcoin Uptrend Line Built Under Sub-$20K Now At Risk

Resistance above $60,000 has proven once again too strong for bulls to break, and bears are now pushing the price per coin back down to retest support lower. Thus far, Bitcoin has held strong and the uptrend has been unaffected since far below $20,000.


The full bull run began at prices much lower dating back more than one year ago. The leading cryptocurrency by market cap had a historic climb from below $4,000 on Black Thursday in March 2020 to more than $60,000 per coin this past month.

However, the latest selloff has pierced through a trendline that’s supported the powerful uptrend since long below $20K. It now all comes to what will be a crucial daily candle close at around 8PM ET tonight. Volatility today leading into the close could pick up as bulls attempt to push back above the trendline, while bears aim to ensure a confirmation of more downside ahead.

bitcoin bull trend line 2021

The uptrend line supporting Bitcoin from under $20,000 to more than $50,000 has been pierced | Source: BTCUSD on

Why The Monthly Green Streak In Crypto Could Soon Turn Red

Despite the risk of losing the uptrend line, that doesn’t necessarily mean a downtrend will begin, or that the greater bull market is immediately over. Bitcoin price was following a sharper uptrend line at one point, and although that was also lost, no dramatic downside has ever materialized. In fact, losing the last trendline resulted in a bull trap.

The price action has also sent Bitcoin back to retest now strong resistance above $60,000 – the current local peak – where it was rejected yet again. The rejection sent Bitcoin price tumbling and has poked through the another steep uptrend line.


Bitcoin price has had several stronger corrections on daily timeframes. On weekly timeframes, there have been a handful of corrections, but have been weak compared to past bull runs. Monthly timeframes, however, have been nothing but green for the longest streak historically, which could indicate the first much larger correction in Bitcoin on the largest of timeframes.

And it all could be beginning with a daily close below this clearly important trendline, which has supported the entire uptrend in 2021 thus far. Regardless of any short-term correction, however, the bull market shouldn’t be finished. Data suggests that the currency cycles is only roughly one-quarter complete.

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Source: Bitcoinist News

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Bitcoin Miners Dumping Half A Million BTC Couldn’t Dent Bull Rally

Bitcoin price is still fighting to break back above $60,000 per coin, but things could push higher according to miner behavior. After dumping more than a half a million BTC on the market during the bull rally, and barely being able to make a dent in terms of price decline, miners might have finally given in and started holding their coins for the sudden surge ahead.

Miners Dump More Than Half A Million BTC Since 2021 Started

Bitcoin isn’t just an asset to invest in, its a blockchain network and cryptocurrency ecosystem. It is digital gold, and potentially, so much more. The leading cryptocurrency by market cap has emerged as the “stimulus asset,” thriving in the current economic environment.


Since the global pandemic began, and efforts to thwart economic impact first resulted in unprecedented money printing, the cryptocurrency’s price per coin has ballooned. From the onset of the pandemic through now, the price per BTC has risen from under $4,000 to more than $61,000 at the current peak.

bitcoin miners btc bull rally

Even with more than half a million BTC dumped, miners couldn't dent the bull run | Source: BTCUSD on

On the way up, a critical cog in the Bitcoin puzzle, miners, have been dumping BTC all along. In total, miners have poured more than 666,000 BTC into the market during a time when few are selling their coins, and exchange reserves continue to dwindle.

Even with so much supply coming from miners, the uptrend only continued higher and higher. The sell pressure had next to no impact amidst so much FOMO buying. But something has happened since, that has caused miners to begin holding BTC again, accumulating reserves for what is further expected mark up.

Lack of Supply From Miners Could Drive Further Bitcoin Mark Up

According to the Miner Position Change chart from glassnode, via The Weekly Report from Arcane Research, miners have increased their positions in Bitcoin substantially after offloading what they could during the rally.


Bitcoin price remains within striking distance from local highs, suggesting that miners are expecting more price appreciation ahead, and plan to sell coins later on instead of at current levels. Miners represent an important role in supply versus demand – a dynamic that is heavily in favor of demand currently.

BTC miners position index

Miners have stopped selling BTC after dumping some 666,000 BTC on the market | Source: Arcane Research

Cryptocurrency mining is an energy-intensive operation with large up front costs. To fund normal operations, or to free up capital to bolster processing power with new machinery, these miners must sell BTC or tap into cash reserves – if they have them.

Miners selling more than 666,000 BTC should put these operations in a much healthier position to hold for what’s ahead, and that could be exactly what is happening now.

Featured image from Pixabay, Charts from TradingView and glassnode

Source: Bitcoinist News

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Data: Bitcoin Bull Run May Be Less Than One-Quarter Complete

Bitcoin price continues to struggle with resistance above $60,000, but data suggests it is refueling for a much larger move higher. In fact, the same data could point to the current bull run only being roughly one-quarter or less of the way through to completion. 

There’s also a chance that the cryptocurrency bull run is only just getting started, making potential targets as high as $400,000 per coin when it is all said and done.

Bitcoin Building Solid Technical Base Around $50,000 to $60,000

Right on schedule – according to its regularly scheduled halvings – Bitcoin is back in full bull mode. Within a year, the cryptocurrency climbed from $4,000 to more than $60,000 per coin. But once it got to that local high, the leading cryptocurrency by market cap has now spent several weeks below the now strong resistance level.


At the same time, price action has failed to bring Bitcoin back to support levels any lower than $50,000, keeping the bull trend in tact and eyes on targets much higher.

And while there’s still no ruling out a more substantial correction due to technicals being so overheated, ongoing buy pressure from institutions while BTC supply diminishes implies this is the calm before the storm.

The Puell Multiple backs up the theory that new highs are just ahead, potentially indicating that the current bull market is merely one-quarter or potentially less of the way through.

Puell Multiple Implies Crypto Bull Run Has Much More To Go

According to the Puell Multiple, there’s a lot more room to climb before the peak is in of this cycle. The metric doesn’t say anything about corrections along the way, but does project that the current rally is far from finished. But how far through the current are we exactly?


The tweet above suggests that Bitcoin is roughly between 15 to 25% through its current bull market, matching up well with the $3,000 to $5,000 range. This zone ultimately built enough long-term support to catch the cryptocurrency’s bear market free fall, and the current resistance level could one day act as bear market support.

But for now, bulls are in charge.

bitcoin puell multiple

Potential bull market trajectories based on the Puell Multiple. Then the bear market the follows. | Source: BTCUSD on

Using the $3,000 to $5,000 range as a gauge and the $20,000 peak in 2017 as a factor in projecting the next top, it would indicate that the bull market is anywhere between 15% and 25% of the way through.

At 25% through, Bitcoin would be projected to peak at around $240,000. At 15 %, however, the cryptocurrency could run to the full $400,000 per coin that some analysts have projected. Following the exact path of the last cycle, puts the peak around $325,000.

Even if the top crypto by market cap failed to meet these lofty expectations, and instead was roughly 50% of the way there, the top would still be at least another $60,000 away – leading to six figure BTC at minimum.

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Source: Bitcoinist News

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Bitcoin Bandwidth: The Biggest Move Of 2021 Is Near

Bitcoin price is still consolidating below the asset’s current all-time high of $61,800 per coin. The leading cryptocurrency by market cap, however, could be about to make another enormous move.

According to Bollinger Band Width, volatility is about to erupt. In the past, its resulted in substantial moves to the upside. However, these moves have been decreasing in size, increasing the odds for a reversal instead. Here’s a closer look at what the Bollinger Bands technical analysis indicator says about the current price action and what could result once the tranquility breaks.

Bollinger Band Width Warns Of Massive Bitcoin Move, But Which Direction?

Bitcoin price is trading at price right around $60,000, unable to push higher while its altcoin brethren begin to rise past previous 2021 highs. The powerfully trending cryptocurrency has more than doubled in 2021 so far, only one full quarter into the year.

Another enormous move could be coming, however, and one that should have a similar strength as the initial breakout beyond $20,000. That rally, saw an over 134% increase before things turned down, but was followed by not one, but two more bullish impulses.


Impulse number two was less powerful, but still added more than 88% to the price per coin. The third impulse after a retrace, was even smaller at around 35%.  Between each impulse was a narrowing of the Bollinger Bands, also called a “squeeze.” When things tighten so much, energy is released and volatility picks up. The bands widen as a result.

The Bollinger Bands are now at the tightest they’ve been since $20,000 was taken. A clearer look at how close Bitcoin is to a similar “squeeze” is even more obvious in the Bollinger Band Width indicator at the bottom of the below chart.

bollinger bandwidth bitcoin

A squeeze in the Bollinger Bands to the tightest since $20K could lead to a huge move | Source: BTCUSD on

What Else Do The Bollinger Bands Technical Indicator Say About The Bull Run?

The Bollinger Bands are used to measure volatility as well as a number of other functions. It can spot trend reversals, when trends are strengthening, find support and resistance, and much more. Most trading takes place within the bands, however, when Bitcoin breaks out and closes above it with volume, the cryptocurrency “Rides the Bands” higher.


There are several other strategies related to the tool. Recently, the indicator’s creator, technical legend John Bollinger, warned that the tool might be signaling that Bitcoin was forming a topping pattern called “Three Pushes to a High.”

bitcoin bollinger band three pushes to a high

Could the top cryptocurrency be forming a "Three Pushes to a High" pattern? | Source: BTCUSD on

The potential reversal pattern is classified as having three distinct peaks, both in price action and the %B indicator. Bollinger Band Width also decreases as the trend weakens. Finally, not pictured, the BBTrend tool should turn down for confirmation.

Bollinger, who regularly gives the community a heads up on when “it’s time to pay attention,” says that crypto investors might need to prepare for the potential of a short-term top. It is once again, it seems, time to pay attention.

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Source: Bitcoinist News

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Technical Signal Suggests Gold Is Ready For Revenge Against Bitcoin

The digital gold narrative and fears of hyperinflation looming as the economy weakens and more fiat money is printed, has driven Bitcoin to incredible heights and done so quickly. But considering the cryptocurrency’s history of frightening drawdowns, things could turn at a moment’s notice.

One sign that Bitcoin could soon be in some trouble comes from the cryptocurrency’s trading pair against gold, which has reached a TD 9 sell setup on monthly timeframes. The signal, if confirmed, would suggest the current trend is exhausted and a bounce is coming sooner than later.

Bitcoin Continues To Beat The Gold Standard At Its Own Game

Gold’s reputation has been tarnished for the first time in its long history as a safe haven asset and store of value. According to brilliant entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban and other top crytpo analysts, precious metals are being demonetized by the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum.


The digital gold narrative in 2020 is what caused the gold bull market to top out, and Bitcoin’s to begin. Since then, the leading cryptocurrency by market cap has amassed a $1 trillion market cap, taking a bite out of gold’s cap that’s ten times the size.

If the scarce cryptocurrency can absorb that much capital, it’ll trade at prices of $500,000 per coin or more. And while Bitcoin is indeed rapidly approaching trillions of dollars in capital, the divergence between the two assets has grown significant, and a reversal signal has appeared.


gold bitcoin xaubtc td 9 monthly

Gold has fallen nearly 84% against Bitcoin in a few months. Could a bounce be coming? | Source: BTCUSD on

How A Reversal In Metals Could Take Revenge On Crypto

On monthly timeframes, the TD Sequential indicator has issued a TD 9 sell setup, suggesting that the steep downtrend of red candles should soon reverse. Coinciding with the fall, starting since October 2020 alone, gold has fallen by 84% relative to Bitcoin price.

Interestingly, Bitcoin dropped by a full 84% before reaching its bottom in late 2018 – could the total drawdown in percentage terms be an ideal spot for this trading pair to turn around also?


No one can say with certainty, and neither can the TD Sequential indicator, despite its accuracy. The signal often fails, and when it does, the resulting move is even stronger. But, markets tend to reverse when sentiment reaches extremes, and sentiment in metals versus crypto are on the complete other side of the spectrum.

For example, gold was recently bumped off the list of Morning Brew market tickers for Bitcoin,. But could that really be a sign that a peak in sentiment is near? If and when Bitcoin turns around, it is known historically to correct by as much as 84% as mentioned earlier. Could that be what’s coming to crypto markets in the days ahead?


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Source: Bitcoinist News

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Coffee And Crypto: Newsletter Morning Brew Boots Gold For Bitcoin

As part of the continued demonization of gold at the hands of Bitcoin, the precious metal that was once the hard money standard has received the boot from popular daily email newsletter Morning Brew.

Due to the rising popularity of Bitcoin, gold has been completely replaced with a price ticker instead for the leading cryptocurrency by market cap. Here’s why this is such a big thing, and why this is just one win of many more to come.

Bitcoin Deals Blow To Gold As Crypto Becomes Common Coffee Talk

The ongoing “digital gold” narrative has taken the momentum out of gold’s bull run, and converted it into rocket fuel for Bitcoin. In less than one year, the cryptocurrency’s market cap rose from under $200 billion to more than $1 trillion and climbing.


Over time, it’s expected to eat away at gold’s $10 trillion market cap, and it already has put an end to the precious metal’s bull run in 2020. Just as gold began to peak, outflows from hedge funds went directly into the scarce crypto asset, which was expected to outperform gold by a substantial margin.

bitcoin gold morning brew

Gold continues its downtrend against Bitcoin | Source: XAUBTC on

Those who bet on Bitcoin, were ultimately correct. Since the big breakout beyond the 2017 peak, the cryptocurrency asset class has gone through a secular shift, where institutions and a completely different asset class have begun to include the emerging technology within their previously traditional portfolios.

And as Bitcoin popularity has picked up, it has led to an enormously popular daily email newsletter dropping gold from their morning market reports for the cryptocurrency instead.

Morning Brew Shakes Up Market Section With Trending Ticker, Transitioning Away From Traditions

What’s old is often new again, and newsletters are making a comeback. No one has done it better, however, than economic and social wrap up Morning Brew, amassing more than 2.5 million subscribers. The newsletter includes updates on what’s trending globally, and has a section with price tickers for major stock indices like the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S&P 500, as well as the 10-year Treasury yield.

Previously, it also included gold and oil – two of the most important natural commodities the world has ever known. However, it’s replaced gold with Bitcoin, and oil with a “flex spot” which will be used to showcase any trending asset. For example, when Dogecoin was the talk of Twitter and elsewhere online recently, it could be featured in that spot.


This also means that Bitcoin is there to stay, and isn’t just another trending coin or stock of the day. It has cryptocurrency bulls cheering, celebrating such a victory over gold – one of many wins in the future, they hope. It has the likes of Peter Schiff, however, boiling inside.

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Source: Bitcoinist News