Phemex Continues Metaverse And Play-To-Earn Support With New YGG Token Listing

Full-service cryptocurrency trading and investment platform Phemex continues to show its strength in backing metaverse-based projects, exhibited by the listing of a bevy of metaverse-first tokens, such as Axie Infinity’s AXS and Decentraland’s MANA. To celebrate Phemex is hosting a special Metaverse edition of their popular Grab a Coin Campaign where users can join to win YGG.

Now, Phemex is continuing to show investment in the space with the listing of Yield Guild Games native token, YGG. Yield Guild Games is one of the biggest play-to-earn platforms that is building a blockchain-based economy. YGG partners with games and guilds to bring to life their goal of “onboarding the masses to the metaverse.” To date, YGG has engaged with nearly 50 different titles and has committed nearly $10M to support developing metaverse ecosystems. Partnered titles include a number of already launched play-to-earn atmospheres, most notably Axie Infinity and League of Kingdoms. 2021 was host to the first-ever YGG-hosted tournament, the Yield Guild Open, various community events and community streams, a ‘YGG Axie Bootcamp,’ and much more.

Additionally, the YGG community has established itself as one of the strongest in play-to-earn throughout 2021, establishing over 30 scholarship managers, 20 game partnerships, and building a Discord community of more than 100,000 members – all in 2021 alone. The gaming guild also onboarded 10,000 Axie Infinity scholars, spanning across 10 different countries, and rewarded and engaged with platform users throughout the year with a variety of airdrops, AMAs, guild badges, sponsorships, and more.

With Phemex’s latest listings, the expansive cryptocurrency exchange platform can now facilitate further growth in the YGG ecosystem. The move solidifies Phemex’s positioning as a major supporter of play-to-earn and metaverse tools that are experiencing massive growth over the course of the past year. As play-to-earn titles like Yield Guild Games and Axie Infinity continue to grow and evolve globally, Phemex is showing itself to be a major supporter alongside them.

Phemex’s continued investment in the metaverse and play-to-earn environments has been exacerbated not only by continued growth in token listings, like the aforementioned AXS and MANA – but also by strong investments in a new GameFi platform and ardent support of NFT growth.



Source: Bitcoinist News